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RLLMUK's Top 100 TV Shows - Please Vote!


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Great list, and I should have said above that miniseries that are perhaps films in their own right, but were commissioned for TV (even if they subsequently got a theatrical release) are fine, so LC's examples, Berlin Alexanderplatz and, err, loads of other examples I can't think of, are ok.

People will be annoyed to hear that films commissioned by a TV company for their film arm can't be accepted, a prominent example being This is England (which is a feature film produced by Film4) and is therefore out, but This is England '86 and onwards are TV miniseries and can be included.

Sorry, got to draw the line somewhere...

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I don't know if I'll be able to submit a list for this one - while I've got a few shoe-ins (the aforementioned Serial Experiments Lain and Twin Peaks are guaranteed entry, for example), I just haven't watched enough TV shows to feel confident that I could put together a meaningful top 20. Still, I'll think about it (and post in here now so that I'm reminded of this thread's existence whenever I pop in the forum).

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Good idea, we've not done this in a while.

14. The Singing Detective I had to find a spot for at least one Dennis Potter penned drama. Michael Gambon plays a bed-ridden pulp fiction novelist who relives his stories (both real and fictional) whilst in hospital. I'm sure most are familiar with this, if not directly then at least knowing the basic story. Few series are as dense, layered and intricate as this. In many ways this is the perfect combination of Potter's passions and obsessions but the story alone does not guarantee success (just check out the ill-judged US movie for evidence of that). It is the writing that has made this a true classic of TV but the drama excels in every department from the cast (Gambon, Whalley wub.gif) through to the wonderful direction and music. For an audience unfamiliar with Potter (it is sad to think that generations of people now won't experience his work unless it is repeated) it might not be the best place to start as it can be quite an overwhelming experience at times, but for those hungry for something a little different it is essential viewing.

Fantastic choice. I would expect Dennis Potter as a creator to have a really poor ratio of votes/entries-in-the-final-results because his genius was spread across so many brilliant works.

I'm going with Blue Remembered Hills as it's the thing of his that I saw first and so holds the fondest memories.

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Here goes, bit random as things occured to me - might elaborate later on.

1. The Sopranos
This is the pinnacle of TV. Nothing I have seen has been anywhere near as good as this since, I must have watched the whole thing twice now and its amazing. The characters are flawed, their motivations stupid at times but its just really compelling. Has some moments of real sadness and comedy. Favourite episode is probably where Pauly and Christopher get lost in the woods.

Spaced. Before the cornetto trilogy there was spaced. Slacker nerd comedy supreme.
So quotable. Best bit must be the finger gun shoot out with the chavs.

Mad Men.

7 series of Americana where almost nothing ever happens. I am in love with Roger Sterling.

4. Only Connect
Difficult Questions, Victoria Coren, Nerds! What more could you want. Best quiz ever.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The misanthropic masterpiece, Larry Davaid's fictional life is hysterical and can make you cringe inside out. It's just amazingly good.

Game of thrones.

Dragons, Boobs, ice zombies, more boobs, dwarves, boobs, swords, boobs.

7. Generation Kill
The HBO Iraq invasion miniseries. Like band of Brothers but with sand.


At its peak one of the best dramas going, made careers for a lot of the cast. Had the likes of Tarantino directing episodes. The west wing is basically people walking down corridors and talking really fast - well this does it first and with blood and guts. I'm unashamed to say that this show had me blubbing my eyes out on more than one occasion.

9.Red Dwarf

If there's a better odd couple comedy than series 1 and 2 of red dwarf then I'll eat my hat.(Unless its Bottom then I'll eat my own bogies and some poo.) 2 guys who hate each other stuck for eternity in a series of grey corridors. Best bit is where Lister trains to be a chef to get seniority. Went off the boil towards the end but the first 2 or 3 series are amazing

10. Bottom
How many times can you punch someone in the nuts before it stops being funny? We still don't know. RIP Rik.

11. The wire.
Bit of an obvious choice, but for a good reason. I really enjoyed the first 3 series but found 4 very hard work. It's just so bleak.

12. Stewart Lees comedy vehicle.
These days you get arrested and thrown in jail if you say you love Stewart Lee don't you?

13. Buffy the Vampire slayer.
Joss Whedon showing that you can make a silly premise go a long way, Sometimes scary, often funny, occaisionally quite moving, a real quality series.

14. Band of Brothers
Just excellent, the follow up the pacific was a bit too harrowing for my liking but this nails it for me. Amazing ensemble piece.

15. Later with Jools Holland. Live music,

normally get to hear something new, but it's just good to see varied live music on TV. More of this sort of thing please.

16. The Mary Whitehouse experience
I saw your dad the other day, coming out of the V.D. Clinic...

17. The West Wing.

18. Doctor Who

Would you like a jelly baby? Its ace, It was ace when I was small, its ace now. Bow ties are cool.

19. The a-team
In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team. - At this point if the music doesn't start playing in your head you're dead inside.
Yes every episode was basically the same. It did not matter. A nostalgic choice.

20. This life
90s drama about some twat lawyers being twats. Its brilliant.

If I turned on the TV and any of that lot were on I would watch. Bound to have missed stuff.

Edit. This is hard. Can we have a top 50 instead?

Had a rejig. Will fix formatting later.
Might need a spot for the it crowd and daredevil.

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Like my top 20 games list, many of these are personal favourites rather than what I would call the truly greatest TV shows ever, but that's the fun thing about these lists: hopefully other people can discover some greats they may have missed. Anyway, it was so hard to narrow it down but:

1. The West Wing

Truly unbelievable writing from Aaron Sorkin. It takes a while to get sucked in, but even if you cannot understand half of what the characters are talking about, the sheer intelligence of the script kind of washes over you and it's impossibly compulsive viewing. It's a bit of a wish fulfilment fantasy for people tired of typical real world politics, but who cares. This actually made me interested in politics, which is something I never thought would happen.

2. Planet Earth

I wish I could just list all of the Attenborough documentaries, as they are truly some of the finest television ever made, but if I had to pick one, I would go for this - a collection of episodes covering the whole planet and its ecosystem, with the first use of full HD cameras, which means it is often like seeing a window into literally another part of the world through your TV.

3. The Animals of Farthing Wood

The fact that this is not available on DVD still is criminal of the BBC. Watched religiously in my younger years, it had a huge impact on me. Following the fates of each character in their desperate struggle to survive against human cruelty was unforgettable.

4. The World at War

Speaking of human cruelty... This is probably one of those most comprehensive and horrific documentaries on the second world war ever made. It is told even handedly, with some absolutely startling archive footage, and covers literally every stage and location of the entire war giving a full picture of events. The fact that it was aired barely 25 or so years after the event is quite startling.

5. M*A*S*H

While some of it may have aged these days, as a response to the Vietnam war (while being set in the war in Korea) M*A*S*H despite being an often light hearted sitcom has some of the most powerful anti-war writing in any TV show I've watched. For the love of God turn off the laugh track, though. It was actually shown without it here in the UK because people realised how stupid having it was presumably, and it had actually been added on to the show in the US to its detriment. Some episodes shown there actually didn't have one on purpose in later series because of the subject matter.

6. Star Trek (The original series)

The mother of all modern science fiction series is still one of the best ever made. It dealt with hard sci-fi concepts right from the very first series and still shames modern science fiction shows with its writing, characters and willingness to tackle complex moral subjects. It was also shown at just the right time on BBC2 to catch it and I watched it religiously. TNG didn't quite live up to it when it was shown later.

7. Carnivale

Not many people have heard of Carnivale, and it was unfortunately cancelled before the story was finshed. But I urge you to seek it out and give it a watch. It's a truly imaginative, compulsive and beautiful slice of fantasy Americana.

8. Babylon 5

Shut up. Many people are divided on their opinions of Babylon 5, and basically when people say it's a bit shit they would be entirely justified. The sets are terrible, the acting diabolical for the first season and nearly all the the way through after that, the background soundtrack is bad, and the CG work incredibly dated. But when I tuned in every week when it was first airing here I couldn't get enough. Here was a show that actually seemed to be telling an ongoing story that gradually weaved in layers of intrigue into the plot as it went on, with actually believable character development and excellent sub plots throughout. I watched it again very recently and fully expected to have my rose tinted specs cruelly snatched away, but even now it shames modern shows with its consistency of vision. I was briefly excited that the new Battlestar Galactica was doing something similar when it came out, until it all went tits up. Just suspend your disbelief a bit...

9. Due South

Never saw this when it was on TV, but fell in love with it as soon as I was introduced - a simple story of a Mountie and his wolf trying to find his father's killer expands into an extremely watch-able show with some of the best writing and character moments I've seen, and a brilliant soundtrack. The writers were also later responsible for House I believe.

10. Batman: The Animated Series

Back when I was a kid, if there was one cartoon I could never miss it was this. Incredible visual style and remarkably grown up, it was like an animated version of the Tim Burton film and even had the same soundtrack. Episodes often had a glacial pace, but it felt unlike any other cartoon on TV at the time.

11. Captain Scarlett

My favourite of the Gerry Anderson stable and I always tuned in when it was on BBC2. An indestructible main character, menacing bad guys, and fun spy capers made for gripping stuff.

12. X-Men: The Animated Series

And this was the other unmissable cartoon series when I was a kid. Better than all the X-men films put together - I didn't even read the comics but back then I knew this was brilliant compared to nearly everything else on kid's TV, and it gets surprisingly dark.

13. Paranoia Agent

The late Satoshi Kon, of Perfect Blue fame, is responsible for this series, and he often pokes fun at Anime itself as a genre throughout. It's a psychological roller-coaster ride and is far more intelligent than nearly any other Anime series I have ever seen, and may actually be some of Satoshi Kon's best work.

14. Futurama

Call me weird, but I actually prefer Futurama to The Simpsons, or at least the first few series. Taking the great writing talent from The Simpsons and going to wonderful places, it's essential viewing for anyone.

15. Jonathan Strange & Mister Norrell

I often find adaptations of my favourite novels to be lacking in some way or done half-arsed or completely missing the spirit of the original story. But this adaptation was one of the most surprising and brilliant I have ever seen, and has some truly fantastic performances.

16. Red Dwarf

It gets a bit crap towards the end of its run, but the first few series combine genuinely great science fiction ideas, humour, and pathos in a way that I don't think was done as well in British TV and radio since The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (which had a mediocre TV adaptation after the truly fantastic radio series). Shame the attempts at revival were not that successful.

17. Breaking Bad

Watched this only recently, and it's already become one of my favourite TV shows ever. The writing is truly excellent, and I've not watched a show that feels as complete and well thought out a story since Babylon 5. Yes I compared Breaking Bad to Babylon 5.

18. Archer

Truly one of the funniest TV shows I have ever seen. Not a lot more need be said.

19. Gormenghast

Another book adaptation, which deviates only slightly from the source material, but is an anarchic and often Terry Gilliamesque creation of weirdness. The book is a long and arduous read, but if you can't get through it this is perhaps the next best thing.

20. Ghost in the Shell (series)

I loved the original Ghost in the Shell film, and always have a soft spot for cyberpunk in general. The series may not be arguably as good as the film, but it has space and breathing room to tackle many concepts of transhumanism. It's sometimes convoluted and pompous, but always in interesting ways. It's not for everyone, but some episodes stand out as brilliant self contained science fiction stories

Honourable mentions: The Borrowers, The Office, The Simpsons (obviously), Blackadder (especially the final episode), Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Black Books, Brass Eye, Cowboy Bebop, Warehouse 13, Buffy, Star Trek: TNG, Ghostwatch, All those Alan Garner novel adapted kid's series, Pirates of Darkwater, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Through the Trap Door, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Thunderbirds, South Park, Monty Python's Flying Circus. Band of Brothers...

EDIT: I still haven't seen The Wire yet, unfortunately.

EDIT 2: Forgot Fraiser! It's like Advance Wars in my top 20 games list all over again. I would happily swap it for GITS, but I'll stand by my votes now.

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1. Band of Brothers

I have watched this once a year since its original airing and to me nothing has come close to matching it since. The style, direction along with the tale of the 101st Airborne’s campaign almost makes every other war film/show redundant.

2. The Sopranos

As my first listing is a mini-series this is the first for shows that ran over a number of years. I was gripped from day one until the end. A modern day mafia tale wrapped up in the absurdity of general life made all the more interesting as it had you rooting for some absolutely hateful human beings.

3. The Wire

Another that will no doubt appear on a thousand lists. It’s touch and go between this and The Sopranos for my favourite between them, but while this lost out in that battle the story of the streets of Baltimore will forever be with me. I loved the fact there was no black and white good versus bad. Good cops, bad cops, power struggles and corner boys you prayed wouldn’t get gunned down.

4. Frasier

Great writing, fantastic cast. With many comedy shows once the joke is told it gets old quickly on re-watching. Due to the quality on offer this is a show that’s endlessly watchable and even the weaker seasons are a match for many shows best offerings.

5. Rome

A show that could have easily ended much further up the list had it not been held to two paltry seasons. A fantastic cast really did this show justice and it’s a crime of modern television that the second season ended up cramming so much history in as they knew the shows number was up.

6. Seinfeld

A show that seems to be more popular now in the UK, thanks to the internet, than when it aired back in the 90’s! It’s great to see the show get the attention it deserves now from UK audiences. Legendary characters, unforgettable episodes and all of it about nothing.

7. Friday Night Lights

Yes, it’s quite clearly a show aimed at teenagers but I watched this as an adult and loved it. For me in Matt and Laundry they have the best portrayal of teenagers of film. Small town America set to the beat of the local High School football team and coaches family. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

8. The IT Crowd

The real testament to this is I went in thinking I’d hate it. What looked like it could be dirge aimed at geeks and computing actually turned out to be a well written and genuinely laugh out loud funny.

9. The West Wing

I think this show more than any other portrays politics in a well measured and genuine way and as such could really make you think on how it impacts us all.

10. Blackadder (series 2 - 4)

Yes, I’m omitting the first series as it was dire. The second series onwards are absolute comedy gold and for me peaked with the wonderful trench warfare humour aimed at those running WWI.

11. M*A*S*H

One of the first shows I watched religiously as a kid. I came back to it many years later wondering if it was as good as I remembered and I wasn’t disappointed. In truth this would be further up my list, but on re-watching it probably ran for a few years too many. The humours dips in the later seasons and it became a little preachier, but the early years and in particular the Hawkeye/Trapper/Frank/Henry Blake era stands up to any comedy before or after.

12. Auf Wiedersehen Pet

This is certainly a product of its era, but one I have very fond memories of and I think still stands up well. A great blend of humour and drama really has you rooting for this unlikely bunch of lads working away on a German building site.

13. Still Game

If your style of humour comes from your upbringing then this is what I think of when I think of my home town. Great jokes and friends that do nothing but rip the utter piss out of each other. The TV equivalent of comfort food for me.

14. Spartacus

This should have been awful. Really it should. Rather than being awful it was a joy. A joy of nakedness, cock songs, stupidly over the top violence and to top it all it made me like John Hannah! RIP Andy, you’ll always be Spartacus to me.

15. House of Cards

Top political drama courtesy of Netflix. I need to go with the USA offering as it’s been so long since I watched the UK original I can’t recall much about it. I might need to put that on the re-watch list.

16. The Daily Show

An addiction for many years now despite it’s on/off affair with UK schedulers. The real test comes now on trying to replace the wonderful Jon Stewart.

17. Black Books

A wonderful show about an absolute bastard who runs a book shop. Someone who the Mrs says I remind her of!

18. Red Dwarf

A great show and one I loved during its original airing. It did have its problems though. The early series for me was the show in its prime. Give me the original cast including the original Holly and I’ll be chuckling away like an idiot. I felt it lost its way towards the end and the female Holly just didn’t work for me.

19. Boss

Another show that was killed off before its time. Kelsy Grammer as the ill and corrupt mayor of Chicago. Gripping from the off and easily up there with the best political dramas around.

20. Life on Mars

Great cast of characters and wonderful casting brought this interesting concept to life. A show that displayed UK television can compete with the best drama out there.

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This is going to be a nightmare - Drama vs Comedy, UK vs US, stuff that was consistently great vs stuff that wasn't (Simpsons), long running vs mini series'

Johnny Nolan has already successfully identified the number 1 show though so that's good (unless it's lack of episodes means I should pick something more long running - Argghhhh

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So this is the thread where we see who hasn't watched Breaking Bad?


1. Breaking Bad

2. The Sopranos

3. The Wire

4. Firefly

5. The West Wing

6. Peaky Blinders

7. Blackadder (bar series 1)

8. Frasier

9. Better Call Saul

10. Dexter (early seasons).

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I’m pretty sure we’ve never done a top 100 TV shows vote before, so it pleases me to inaugurate.

I think we had one split by genre a few years ago. IIRC it was around the same time as the albums-by-decade poll in Music.

I will make my full list later, but I'm certain how it will begin:

1. The Simpsons - Yeah, it's been poor now for a lot longer than it was good. But for an astonishingly long period (I'd say seasons 2 through to 8...ish), it was pretty near perfect (and the seasons either side of that weren't far off either). It was the programme I grew up with more than any other, and the one that had the biggest impact on my sense of humour and my understanding of pop culture (and of US history and society in general, to be honest).

I will decide on the exact list and order later, but it'll probably mostly consist of comedies - such that it'll be hard to find a place to slot in something like an Attenborough documentary:


The Wire (the only one of the really big prestige US dramas of the last decade or so - The West Wing, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad - that I've watched all through)



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Shooting Stars

Malcolm in the Middle

Inside No. 9

Father Ted

Peep Show

Red Dwarf

Being Human

Life on Mars

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This will be ridiculously tough to narrow down to 20. Could probably name 20 comedies alone then miss out on the drama side of things.

A very rough go, that'll likely be edited a lot:

1. Prison Break - I feel I need to justify this inclusion. Yes it's stupid and gets more stupid as it goes on but it was always gripping and I just fucking loved it.

2. Arrested Development

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. The Wire

5. Game of Thrones

6. Breaking Bad

7. Firefly

8. Father Ted

9. Life on Mars

10. 24

11. Still Game

12. Flight of the Conchords

13. Angel

14. Banshee

15. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

16. Malcolm in the Middle

17. Friends

18. Impractical Jokers

19. Reaper

20. Limmy's Show

Missing or forgetting about a lot so re-visit when I have longer to think.

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I know that I'll kick myself later for leaving something out, but here goes.

1. I Claudius.

It's tempting to say that this hasn't aged well, certainly in its sets, but when you assess it on acting and story it's simply peerless. Utterly gripping from start to finish this is the BBC at its very best. So many great actors in this but special mention must go to Sian Phillips, one of the greatest screen performances of all time.

2. Game Of Thrones

I always felt that TV was missing a great fantasy series but never dreamed that one would come along with such balls and originality. The genius of the show is that even people who don't like fantasy end up loving it if they manage to get over their initial prejudice and give it a go (still trying to convince my wife to watch it.)

3. The Sopranos

The only show on my list that I've watched all the way through three times over, and will probably start the forth soon. Probably my fondest TV memory was discovering this when it first played late into the night on Channel 4 as I channel hoped in bed looking for something to put on while I fell asleep. Shows don't creep up on you like that these days with internet hype, but back then I remember being blown away by the quality of a TV show.

4. Our Friends In The North

An often overlooked BBC gem (the beeb should really repeat more of these shows) and a launch pad for some great British actors.

5. The Wire

An obvious choice, but deservedly so.

6. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

A better adaptation of one of my favourite books I couldn't have asked for. What really impressed me was how tightly scripted it was. It simply doesn't waste a minute of its screen time yet manages to not feel rushed and tells the story beautifully.

7. Twin Peaks

Still can't quite believe we're getting a sequel for this. And of course the best opening credit music of all time.

8. The Killing (Danish version obviously)

One of those programmes you eventually begrudgingly watch because everyone tells you you should. Then you kick yourself for being a cock and not watching it earlier because its bleeding marvellous so you binge watch it in a matter of days.

9. Veep

I've liked this from the start, but the last few seasons have been simply brilliant.

10. Inside No 9

This deserves to be on the list for "12 Days Of Christine" alone, but I've yet to see a single episode I didn't like. Always original, funny, dark and entertaining.

11. Borgen

12. Generation Kill

13. Breaking Bad

14. House Of Cards (US)

15. The Legacy

16. Spaced

17. Treme


19. I'm Alan Partridge

20. Firefly

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A quick question, Treble. Would I be able to choose Match of the Day?

I'm not asking this to be an idiot - I'm not going to put The News lol in my top twenty, it's a serious question.

It's a good question, but I'm going to have to say no I'm afraid. Documentaries are fine, but sporting events aren't. Even though MotD is awesome* and Des Lynam was a god amongst men.

* Although far better with proper sports journalists and a professional anchor than ex-footballers. No matter how astute they are with regards the game, they're only ever gonna be so bright & insightful, know what I mean?

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Just realised I forgot to put This Is England (TV) in my list. Definately deserves to be there.

Sorry dude, as I say above:

News coverage is excluded (so you couldn't list, for example, the news coverage of 9/11) as are movies that were commissioned by the film arm of a TV company, e.g. This is England (although the subsequent miniseries inc. TiE90 are fine)

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Here goes - sure I've forgotten something important, it bothers me leaving the Simpsons out, and for a while it was one of the greatest shows ever, but I'm now simply sick to death of it and its been rubbish for far longer than it was great. Also I have watched Breaking Bad and thought it was crap, can't see what the fuss is about (I prefer Better Call Saul) :

1. The Wire - watched it again recently in its new HD form and its simply peerless.

2. The Sopranos - probably the show more than any other that established TV as the dominant format for quality over movies (IMHO etc).

3. Game of Thrones - I hate dragons and fantasy hobbit stuff, this made me love it (but still only for GoT).

4. The Office (UK) – 12 of the most perfect episodes of TV ever (plus a couple of specials), it spawned a genre.

5. Mad Men - so clever and luxuriously paced, its often about nothing and everything at the same time.

6. Arrested Development - totally original, super densely packed and very funny.

7. Larry Sanders Show - gave us one of the greatest pieces of shit in TV history, Hank 'Hey Now' Kingsley and was nasty and sharp in equal turn (and infinitely superior to Seinfeld which it was always shown alongside).

8. Mr Jolly Lives Next Door - was tempted to put as number 1, Ade & Rik at their finest and the script has almost passed into total use in my family, and I've now passed on the love of this to my son.

9. Spartacus - somehow started out as a soft-porn blood & gore lightweight joke and ended up superbly plotted and genuinely moving, who saw that coming ?

10. Top Gear - its crap, its last of the summer wine with cars, I can always watch a repeat or special when at home no matter how many times I've seen it (how many shows can you say that about).

11. The Thick of It - worth its place in the list for Tucker alone, but the whole show was great and spiritual successor to Yes Minister.

12. I'm Alan Partridge - AHA.

13. Frasier - been watching some of these again on Ch4's endless repeats, the farce episodes aside its still once of the best written and cleverest comedies.

14. Battlestar Galactica (the remake) - of course it tail off towards the end but the series that were great were epic.

15. Planet Earth – it made my new HD tv at the time look like something from the future.

16. Boardwalk Empire – beautifully made and interestingly paced, oozes quality and again highlights why film can’t compare.

17. Will & Grace – another guilty pleasure from my Ch4 hall of shame

18. Everybody Loves Raymond – see 17.

19. This Life – not seen it for years but holds a special place in my heart as was so into it at the time.

20. Man v Food – I watch a lot of foodie progs, but this is something different and I believe inspired the surge in BBQ popularity in this country (myself included, see the BBQ thread).

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1. Breaking Bad

2. The Wire

3. The Sopranos

4. Game of Thrones

5. 24

6. Six Feet Under

7. The Shield

8. It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

9. South Park

10. Friends

11. The Simpsons

12. Lost

13. Star Trek: TNG

14. Firefly

15. Band of Brothers

16. Boardwalk Empire

17. The Office (UK)

18. Dexter

19. Stargate SG1

20. Sherlock

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