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FTL12 - Game on!


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Baring 1-0 Timmo

No injuries

Absolute robbery, but it was a great long range effort that won it. I felt we played the full match in my half and I was under so much pressure throughout, Timmo was definitely the better player and would have buried me with better finishing from his players.

Thanks for the game mate.

Add this on please.

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Wincho 1-2 Baz

No injuries

Thought I had snuck a draw with an 88th minute equaliser after going behind early from the penalty spot for another of those pens given for absolutely nothing

Shalo dominated though and the equaliser I got was one of only 2 shots I had, the other being a 30 yard attempt from Rooney

Shalo got the winner in the 90th and again it was from a foul that was given for nothing. This time it was outside the box but he took it quickly, worked it well and slotted home with the extra man

Well played mate - anything less than 3 points for you would have been robbery

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Bennett 7 Shalo 0

No injuries

Quite a stupid game in fairness. Tevez scored 6 from 7 shots and Jack Butland played the game of his life. Tevez scored some ridiculous finishing whilst Shalo spurred a load of chances. Game was very even in fairness, whilst I probably did deserve the win. It shouldn't have been by such a big margin

Shalo got a bit snappy trying to crunch Tevez towards the end so I took him off for Joselu (who?) and he then grabbed another

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Manic 3 Cary 1

No inj

My first win! Only took 10 games or so, not bad. It was hazard and Walcott doing all the damage for me, managed to go 3-0 up before Cary really got going and from there it was fairly even Steven really.

Cheers Cary

good game. Fucking hate this game.
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We managed to beat the main Destiny boss after 2 weeks! So I'll be on Monday night for couple hours.

10:00 - Bennette/Tevez






Fingers crossed all goes smoothly :D

Bennette is 10 tomorrow still ok with you?
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Steely 6-0 Gooner

Ibe injured for steely

Perruzi for me

Comical game where Charlie Adam was faster than Sterling, Costa and Ramires.

Steely took his chances well but he's played better against me and not scored as many.

Played anyway steels, good luck in the rest

Good game mate, cliche response but it was a mugging how I ended up with a 3-0 lead in such a tight game, after that you imploded abit, trying (and succeeding in Ibes case) to kill a couple of my guys. :( I dont know how Ings survived.

I do have plenty of quick players but Charlie isnt one of them! At approx 42 pace he still isnt my slowest player though haha. I think he just used his timber well especially against Sterling who kept trying to cut inside and spring past him.

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