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FTL12 - Game on!


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Plenty of dipping in to the loan market. Mostly shite so I'll let people announce their own however Gooner did the best getting Kurt Zouma

In other news however, Gooner's Douglas Costa has thrown a hissy fit and is refusing to play for Gooner again.

And finally, in what is sure to send Cary into another meltdown, Marco Reus has decided enough is enough and is joining Douglas Costa in going on strike for current club. Reus has played his last game for Cary's Dortmund side

Gooner and Cary are left with the difficult decision of selling the want away stars, or leaving them to rot in the reserves

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Douglas Costa had obviously been taking to other players as Lukaku has joined him in going on strike. He has played his last game for boss Gooner who appears to have lost the dressing room despite only losing one game in the first half of the season

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Im sure someone will buy them off you! Most likely the person who did the deed mind!

This feels a bit like the Godfather:

Don Steely: [to Goober] Uh. [kisses Goober.] Now listen, whoever comes to you with this Costa/Lukaku meeting, he's the traitor. Don't forget that.


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Players for sale;-

Bojan - 17.6 - 0.086 (AM; ST; RW)

Shaqiri - 14.0 - 0.048 (RM; AM; LM)

M. Diouf - 7.4 - 0.036 (ST; RM)

Wollscheid - 4.8 - 0.018 (CB)

Afellay - 4.3 - 0.022 (LM; AM; CM)

Marc Muniesa - 4.6 - 0.013 (CB; LB)

Whelan - 2.9 - 0.016 (DM; CM)

Odemwingie - 2.8 - 0.020 (RM; ST; LM)

And all of the crap players below Odemwingie

All for min except for Bojan and Shaqiri. PM me if interested in anyone, can maybe come to an agreement on other players not in this list aswell

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Sanchez has also jumped on the bandwagon and is refusing to play for Mardigan again this season

Cary has been dealt another major blow with Aubameyang has joined the list of players demanding to be sold and refusing to pull on a shirt for

And finally, they say these things come in threes - Cary has also lost CM Bender to a random injury attack from another manager

Thats all the announcements done by the way chaps - all perks have been revealed

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This has to be the dirtiest FTL window ever.

RIght, who's owning up to what? I'm curious.......

Taking away some of the more popular perks has meant people were well up for fucking their opponents over

Love it!

Wincho let me know but didn't post this, but someone randomly injured my Diouf aswell

Yep - sorry. That was another one

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