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FTL12 - Game on!


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Sturridge to Bayern for 35.9m

Douglas Costa to Liverpool for 19.6

Mardigan to confirm

Confirmed. Cheers Al.

Unfortunately Douglas Costa was tapped earlier this morning by Gooner (his pm came in before this deal was announced)

Douglas Costa has moved to Boca Juniors for £23.5m

I won't put the Sturridge deal through as suspect that was dependant on Costa moving the other way

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I could argue the tap should not be active until (like every other deal) it is confirmed in this thread but you know best Wincho.

Sorry Al.

You couldn't. Well, you could but you'd be wrong

A tap is complete the second I receive a pm telling me an unblocked player has been tapped.

(I couldn't announce it in the thread when it came through as I was driving)

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Anyone who says they are sorry or they "genuinely didn't like doing it" needs to stop lying to themselves. If you truly feel that way then just dont do it.

I had a look at your squad earlier Gooner purely out of spite for the Costa deal. YOU are someone who really doesn't have anyone worth tapping! :lol:

Anyway, I am still open to offers on Sturridge if anyone fancies him. I would prefer a player plus cash deal going either way so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

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Yes Shalo, but apologising after is a bit stupid. If people genuinely feel that bad doing it to someone then surely they wouldn't do it. I have no issue with the tap system, its great and the stuff it generates is really funny but for fuck sake if you are going to do it at least come into the thread after it and tell the other manager to get it up them :D

Its like when someone says to you "No dis-respect" before going on to say something disrespectful.

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I asked Al if I could buy him, he said he was working on a swap deal, so I immediately PM'd Wincho and thought fuck you Al, be thankful I only get 1 tap or i'd have Vidal as well ya cunt Is that better?

See, you weren't sorry. So on top of tapping Al's player you tried to lie to him :lol:

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