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FTL12 Auction


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Buying NON FTL players

The Window for buying NON FTLs opens tonight (Sunday) at 8.30pm and closes at Midnight. It'll then be open from 8pm until midnight each night up to and including Friday.

A list of NON FTLs are available on spreadsheet

Managers can name someone from this list that they wish to bid on at any time
To nominate a player you need to post the following info -
#Row number on the spreadsheet

Player Name

Price you are bidding (Must be at least their minimum value)

Example -


L. Suarez



Other Managers may then bid if they want to, but must bid more than the current price,and must be able to afford both the transfer fee they are bidding, but also the wages should the player join their club


Minimum Bid Increases -
Less than 5.0M = 0.1
5M - 10M = 0.5
10M+ = 1M

Please quote the post of the Manager you are outbidding, and then add all the details again into your bid or your bid will not count

After 20 minutes of inactivity (no higher bids received) the player is deemed to have been bought by the highest bidder.
The 20 minute clock re-starts however on each increased bid.
IMPORTANT - the 20 minute clock freezes at midnight each night and does not countdown any more until 8pm the following night
This means that to win a player in this style of bidding, you must hold the winning bid for 20 minutes during the 8pm to midnight window (or a total of 20 minutes at the end of one night and start of the next)
Last chance to name someone is at 11.30pm on Friday.

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