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Boozy The Clown

Rllmk Cup TT 3 - Hockenheim National B Class German Cars

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How to Time Trial

1. Select Go Race tab

2. Select Rivals

3. Select Class B Time Attack

4. Select Hockenheim National (2.29 MI)

5. Select car. (German B 600)

6. Load Tuning Setup/Race Anyway

7. Select tune from Recommended Tunes / My Tunes

8. Download and Install

9. Buy for xx,000cr

10. Select assists / A to accept

11. Start Race

12. Post Name - Car - Time in thread.

e.g. Boozy - Ford Capri - 2:05.789

Allowed Manufacturers



Mercedes Benz



1. jashin1973 - VW Golf '92 - 1:40.809

2. ryodiUK - Mercedes 190E - 1:46.078

Leaderboard Updated 28/9/15 20:53

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Bloody hell I thought that was a respectable lap, I didn't think I'd be 6 seconds off the pace.

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had a go in the golf and got

SnoopZaka - VW Golf '92 - 1:38.850

it may be the return of the golf! with the right tune. am currently still eying up the m635 csi though aswell as some others. want something stable with these kerbs

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gone for something lightweight, sporty, old, blue, spits flames out the fucking side and cost an arm and a leg for my latest run.

SnoopZaka - Mercedes 300 SLR - 1:38.480


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