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Preferred positions (use format shown!) - BAP S32


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Given the changes to how players/teams line up this season, it would be useful for managers to get an idea of the players' preferred positions to help them build their team.

Using my preference as an example of the format to post in:

SaintM - CDM, LAM, LM, LF

I'll be using these posts to extract the data for the managers use, so please make sure you post in the above format.


edit: It's even easier for me if you can update the spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b2qCZgeXkvOWM484XxPvYzAqR0llgG_4uoMBEu8WR-A/edit?usp=sharing

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gospvg - Midfielder (any role LM, CM or RM)

(Truthfully I don't really mind what position I am given that is up to the manager but I don't want the pressure of keeper or striker. Defence in the game seems really difficult to tackle by pressing the circle button).

Also I think my value at 8m was too generous.

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Steely - ST, RW, LW, CAM

Ideally would like a crack at a target man but would be more than happy to play anywhere else along the front line or do the Any if required. (But if doing the any, ideally would like to have my guy in an attacking slot and not just have a back 4 to call my own!)

I am a bargain at 50M+ like. :hat:

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