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RPL Town - Season 32


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Possibly, but I've got Game of Thrones to start too.

Fuck GoT, that can wait. See you tonight.

Maybe baby.

No maybes about it, Mack. You're unfortunately not blessed with natural ability, so you need to work at it. See you tonight, also.

Morale building +2

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RPL Town's latest signing, Jonzo, committed another horrendous clanger in last night's league game, as the inexperienced defender gave away yet another crucial penalty.

A tussle in the six-yard-box turned sour in the dying minutes of the game, squandering Town's 2-1 lead over City.

"Gutted about giving away that penalty, don't really know what to say", Jonzo revealed in the post-match forum wrap up. His future at the club remains to be seen.

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I wouldn't even think twice about the penalty Jonzo mate, it wasn't your fault. It was a classic ridiculous FIFA penalty where a striker swings to shoot, gets a tiny nudge and goes down as if shot.

I felt we were a bit lucky in game one, City were on top but the goals we scored were probably the best chances in the match. We were unlucky in game two... we had quite a few decent chances to grab the win (I hit the post, their GK made a ridiculous save from me later on). Even if Outsider's magic did eventually put us ahead.

Overall I thought we did alright, 4 points is a great return especially as we were down 2 people. Defence were solid, Jonzo did well in makeshift CDM position. We missed Andy & Buchy a lot.

City pressured us well at all times in their half so ball retention was tough. That said, I found it still really frustrating the lack of simple A passing going on in the midfield. I admit I was pretty poor with my distribution but I lost count of the number of times I got the ball and looked for a pass and there was no obvious pass on. It felt like the strikers were often too far forward and the wingers too wide and myself in the middle a bit isolated. Not a criticism persee, just an observation. I remember a few times the wingers got the ball and they had no pass on either. Think we deffo need to work on coming shorter for passes and building up play more, if we can do. We did in for a 30minute spell in game two and we created 3-4 chances straight away. It felt like we often wanted 2/3/4 touches or try to beat a man, instead of just playing the easy pass and moving into space for a return - that's when we're at our best.

We got 4 points still, just think we could play a lot better.

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