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Just a heads up that Deltarune on the Switch semi-froze during my playthrough this morning (music and menus still worked, but screen didn't move into the next room). Game patched itself shortly after I stopped playing (I stopped there), so it's probably fixed, but putting it out there regardless if it happens to anyone else. (Shortly after picking up the Prince)

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Of interest to players of Undertale.




While it’s easy to think of Undertale (and its follow-up, Deltarune) as a one-man project, there’s a very talented team behind it. Today, artist Temmie Chang released a small game, Escaped Chasm, a short story about a sad young girl alone in her house, haunted by dreams of a magical world. It’s heartfelt, full of great art, some very good full-screen animations, and even crams four possible endings into its roughly-half-hour play-time. It’s also free, and to say more would be risking spoilers. So go and give it a spin here on Itch, then check out the trailer and my thoughts below.




Link to dload https://tuyoki.itch.io/escaped-chasm

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The opening is pretty slow and basic, to be honest. I'd say it's charm starts coming through more in the second area/chapter - a lot more characters, stories and quirks crop up. 


Though I will say I didn't really love it, certainly to the degree that some do. I only played it once too, unfortunately yielding to hints and guides sometimes. If you really want to engage with it, I'd say avoid those and maybe also commit yourself to more than one playthrough, with your first being natural and without any prior knowledge or aid. 

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