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The all new Wine thread


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19 hours ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

Please could someone recommend a nice red wine suitable for a birthday present? She normally guzzles Wolf Blass yellow label [shiraz] but appreciates something “higher end” too. Budget is about £30 but only want one bottle.




Thoroughly enjoyed earlier vintages of this.


Sticking more closely to the Aus shiraz/syrah theme, Shaw + Smith M3 is pretty good. I must confess that Aus shiraz is something I don't drink in vast quantities, but I've enjoyed that. D'Arenberg (them of Dead Arm fame) do a suprisingly good shiraz which is available in Tesco of all places, called Footbolt.


I could recommend other reds but I've stuck to shiraz/syrah (I tend to drink Italian reds a majority of the time)

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Looked for a topic on homebrewing your own wine, and found none. So here I am.


I use CJ Berry's book on home-made wines.


Recently bottles some rhubarb wine and honey mead. Nice, but not strong enough. Might get a better yeast next time, rather than the crap at Wilko.


However, until then, I thought I'd take this little adventure off-road. So I'm making milk wine with rose petals.



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20 hours ago, kempstar said:

How can you make milk "wine"? Wont the milk just curdle and go sour and disgusting?


According to the Scottish, no. (First time I've tried it!)




You remove the curds first leaving only the whey. I basically used this recipe.


Seems logical enough. Fruit wine doesn't go rotten and disgusting. I suppose you can ferment anything really. I draw the line at mince though.

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