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British Television Recommendations for the ill..


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So according to my doctor I have the stomach flu and he said I could end up being out of work for the rest of the week since my symptoms keep persisting. But that's not why I made this thread, of course.

During that period of time, I'm going to be bored as fuck, so I figure why not watch lots and lots of television?

So I was wondering if anyone at rllmuk had any great British tv show recommendations for me to consider watching...

I already watch the pretty obvious stuff like "Doctor Who" and I've seen a few other tv series like "This Life" and "The Misfits" and "Little Britain".

If you could include a trailer or snippet of the show you want to recommend, awesome. Maybe my sick week will be filled with British drama and comedy.

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They're pretty much all good recommendations above- especially Father Ted, Utopia, Black Mirror, Cucumber, Peep Show, IT Crowd (especially second season on)...

I'd throw in I'm Alan Partridge as well.


And in a similar vein to Cucumber (same writer) Queer as Folk- if Cucumber is the depressed mid-life crisis version then Queer as Folk is the happy go lucky-ish younger version.

But if you had to twist my arm to pick two I'd go for Father Ted and Black Mirror.
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I'd throw in I'm Alan Partridge as well.

The fact that it took 20 replies before Alan was mentioned is simply good enough.

Garth Marenghis Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh, The League of Gentlemen, Phoenix Nights - Sorry, no Youtube links as I can't get them from work.

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