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British Television Recommendations for the ill..


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The BBC sets a high bar and the other main channels (particularly 4 and its offshoots) try to beat it.

What was the recent thing the Cons said? BBC shouldn't be allowed to make a entertaining show or some shit?

The BBC has been the soul of the UK, their news reporting isn't the best in recent years (bias to non-existent on some subjects) but when it comes to shows they still (usually) know what to do. What a stupid thing for any government of this country to say.

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I've seen every single episode of QI including the XL ones.

Also, about Peep Show.. it's a sitcom right? Me and sitcoms don't get along.. I watched too many American ones as a child.

After hearing the Step By Step theme song about 100 times over the span of my childhood, I'm basically through with them altogether.

Bah what am I even saying? It still sounds catchy.

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Great suggestions in this thread. If you're after some crime drama:

Luther is a well shot, utterly ridiculous detective show

Silk is a pretty solid series about lawyers who are mostly all bastards

Garrow's Law is a frequently overlooked but fucking brilliant series about the 18th Century lawyer who introduced the concept of "presumed innocent until proven guilty"


Peaky Blinders is a really gripping series about gangsters in 1920s Birmingham

City of Vice is a good historical drama about Britain's first police force starring Emperor Palpatine

Top Boy divides opinion but I found it really tense & gripping - it's about drug dealers on an inner city housing estate (project). Should warn you though - it got cancelled prematurely :(

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This Is England (Movie + 3 seasons) is brilliant, albeit harrowing.

The first series of Psychoville was pretty excellent too.

Would give Peep Show a go despite your aversions - yes it's a sitcom, but it's more like a fly on the wall (fly in the eye?) documentary than a trad sitcom.

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Take a Look Around

Whoops. What I meant to do here was recommend the excellent TV comedy Look Around You, but what I've actually done is suggest a Master Ace album. But it's ok as that is also excellent so you should check that out too.

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One-off drama The Knowledge by Jack Rosenthal - maybe a little obscure but a fantastic bit of TV drama from the 80s about a guy trying to become a London black cab driver and pass 'the knowledge'. Apparently satnav and Uber have killed the knowledge, oh well.

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