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BAP Season 33 - Sign up and details


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Another season of pain/glory (delete as appropriate) awaits.
Due to the way the Christmas break gets in the way of the schedule, we'll be skipping the pre-season cup and the first league fixtures will commence on the 7th January.

If you are up for the challenge, please stick your name down below!

There are also likely to be gaps for managing next season, so please also step up.
Existing managers: Please post if you're staying in the role!


There are two changes of note for our 1/3rd centenary:

Team selection changes
As outlined in the thread, there will be a player run team selection process in place which aims to increase manager participation and give us all something to follow when the mince pies have taken their toll.

Real team look and feel changes
This was a qualified success, with some great efforts by the player base to get in the spirit of the changes and embrace the idea tempered by some restrictions which led to a few minor issues.
The following tweaks will be made to improve the ruleset:
* players will for next season be able to use any of the listed positions for their player rather than just sticking with one.
* Also, at the half way point managers will be able to juggle things around and change who has which players.
* Finally, this is now a normal part of the league so infractions will be deemed serious enough for monetary(* if the team selection process supports it) or points deductions for teams that field ineligible players.


The league is nothing without you (yes, even you!), so thank you for your continued support. As always, I'm happy to hear and discuss ideas for how we can keep the league in place for all our enjoyment/hatred.

Teams to be used
Club division
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