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Christmas booze


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I've got 10 bottles of Rioja and 5 bottles of assorted Cabernet Sauvignon. Hoping they will last me the whole of Christmas and New Year - will supplement them with lager and sake to make them go further. Particularly looking forward to getting soused on warm sake all day on New Year's Day.

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I need to get mixers in, but I'll be drinking:

Taylor's LBV port from tonight

Maynard's 40 year old tawny port from Monday 21st

Champagne on Yule (it's become something of a tradition for my wife and I as we get pulled to either my family or hers for actual Christmas, so we have a private celebration on our own just beforehand)

A bottle of Pouilly-Fume on Yule

A bottle of canadian ice wine on Christmas Eve

A bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape at Christmas

More generally:

Dark'n'stormy's made with belvoir ginger beer and Gosling's black rum

White Russians

Gin and tonics with either Sipsmiths or Adnams gin

And I've got an assortment of eighteen beers, including Skye Black (Isle of Skye brewery), Decadent Stout (Weird Beard), Santa's Secret (Nobby's brewery), Baton Rouge (Mallinson's), Red MacGregor (Orkney Brewing Company) and a few others I can't remember at the moment.

Oh, and some plum vodka that we get given every year from my wife's aunt and never get round to drinking until just before Christmas, when we hurriedly polish it off before the next one arrives.

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We had some vintage Berlucchi rose fizz for breakfast yesterday with a valpolicella ripassa and a zenato 1985 amarone (a gift from the zenato family) for lunch. Last night was a barbera and some single malt. Not normally a fan but I think dry January might be essential!

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