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RPL City - Season 33


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Below is a list of suggested Pros, if you want a different pro thats on the bench let me know soon as.

The likes of Livermore, Rose, Ohara & Walker are all very flexible in terms of positions they can play, so may be worth taking over a Bentley/Bale/Gallas. But Ill leave it upto you chaps!

Initial Starting 11: (NOT YET CONFIRMED)RB	Any				CB	Petey	W. Gallas	CB LB RB	6'0"	181lbsCB	Tomox	L. King		CB CDM		6'2"	201lbsLB	AnyCDM	Baring	Sandro		CDM CM		6'2"	165lbsRM	Gerry	D. Bentley	RM RW LM CAM	5'9"	150lbsLM	Joffy	G. Bale		LM LWB LB	6'0"	163lbsCAM	Vinnie	L. Modrić	CAM CM LM RM	5'8"	143lbsST	Smith	R. v der Vaart	CAM CF CM	5'9"	163lbsST	Steely	R. Keane	CF ST LW	5'9"	161lbsSubs:					P. Crouch	ST CF		6'7"	174lbs		V. Ćorluka	RB CB CDM	6'4"	194lbs		T. Huddlestone	CM CDM CB CAM	6'3"	207lbs		J. Woodgate	CB SW		6'2"	176lbs		R. Pavlyuchenko	ST CF		6'2"	172lbs		Y. Kaboul	CB RB CDM RWB	6'2"	192lbs		C. Butcher	CB		6'2"	181lbs		M. Dawson	CB		6'2"	174lbs		S. Bassong	CB LB		6'2"	165lbs		N. Kranjčar	CAM LM RM LW	6'1"	183lbs		A. Hutton	RB RWB		6'1"	159lbs		R. Hamed	ST		6'0"	187lbs		J. Jenas	CM RM CDM	5'11"	165lbs		K. Naughton	RB RM RW	5'11"	168lbs		J. O'Hara	CM CAM LM LB	5'11"	172lbs		J. Livermore	CM CDM CB CAM	5'11"	168lbs		D. Rose		LW LM CAM LB	5'10"	168lbs		B. Assou-Ekotto	LB LWB LM	5'10"	152lbs		W. Palacios	CM CDM		5'10"	157lbs	K. Walker	RB RW RM CB	5'10"	163lbsJ. Defoe	ST		5'7"	143lbsA. Lennon	RW RM LW LM	5'5"	159lbs
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