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RPL City - Season 33


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Good games last night, pleased we could take home maximum points even if the results didn't reflect the performances.

First game we should have been a goal up from the off and had a couple more chances before half time but we managed to kick on and put the game to bed.

Second game was more like what the first should of been, 4-0 at half time and it could have been more. It was like the Christmas game all over again. We took our foot off the gas in the second half but I never felt like we were going to throw it away because they only scored half chances.

Overall, a good set of performances considering the whole team hasn't played with each other before. Three things to take into next week; pass simple, quickly and stick to positions.

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That is probably the best 1v1 save by a keeper I've seen on FIFA 16.

On another note, highlights for last week and this week's games are up on the same channel. Twitch doesn't seem as bomb proof as saving to HDD then uploading. The random black box that appears has something to do with the home button/Menus and for whatever reason, it's struggling to process the final 5% of game two.

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Anyone not around make yourself known!

Things to note this week!

-Dont pass it back to the defense. (As they get shut down too quickly)

-Look for a quick pass sideways/forwards.

-Lets speed it up with some first time passing.

-Vinnie, I'm exonerating you of defensive duties, play more as a CF than a CAM.

-Baring because I'm exonerating Vinnie, you have to be wall, and stop having babies aswell.

-We need to give Gerry and Joffy passing options, down the line from a ST, inside to feet from Vinnie as CAM or sideways to Baring. (Lads, lets make sure give them these options!)

-Gerry / Joffy, drift in and out as a when the space comes, dont make is too narrow but at the same time down get stuck too far out wide! Let the space guide you.

Thats it, now if we can go get 6 points please, that would be great!

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Can we ban over the top balls? :)

They were effective in Fifa 09, not now.

I don't agree with this, it should only be used when the attacker has no one ahead of them but a defender between the person on possession and the attacker. Ground passing doesn't magically phase through a defender and they always intercept.

Switching is another situation and with a bit of space, a Lacey attacker who is making run behind. Also if there is no A passes on its worth the risk of your about to get tackled.

Granted A iss the righ choice in most situations, keeping on the ground just doesn't work all the time.

It wasn't the problem last week anyway

I'm loaded with the cold so I'm 50/50 at the minute

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Unlucky last night fellas, we probably deserved to take more from the games but I can't see us improving until we stop leaking goes at the back.

Conceding two early on in game one means we didn't really give ourselves a chance. Up front I think we are doing okay, except for positioning, although I can count on one hand the amount of clear cut chances we were supplied with throughout both games.

Next week - keep it simple and get the ball moving quickly.



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