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RPL City - Season 33


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I dont think there was a great deal that could have been done last night regarding the goals, the keeper absolutely shafted us on that first one, went all Mignolet. Just charged out by quite some distance (Unprompted!) and then botched the clearance. The second goal a penalty, from a corner kick where there guy controlled it at the edge of the box and some how 3 of our guys didnt lock onto the ball that he mis controlled.

And in the second game it was just one of those things, Pete, on the half way line with acres of space to take a touch and I would say he was right to do so. But the mis control was Sunday league standard and it bobbled a good 5-10 yards away from him! Nothing he could do about it really, we almost recovered, I felt my full back was in a decent enough position to intercept but again just didn't lock on as the ball rolled past him.

Thought both results were very harsh on us, we didnt set the world alight but we certainly deserved more than a bloody point.

I think everyone in the team was holding onto the ball for too long at times last night and our goal in game one was something we didn't do enough of. I layed it off to Gerry, who made a great first time pass to Joffy, who put in an early cross for Smith. Frustrating we didnt have more of that kind of snappy play across the 180 minutes.

All that said, Wanderers played 5 at the back so for me they are worse than randomer scum, especially Jazzy and that filthy Bennette. They still arnt as bad as Athletic though who play 6 at the back . :hat:

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Last night was no way the defences fault, I thought we shut them out really well. They only had 2 shots on target first game and took a 2-1 win!

The first game they got a penalty from the corner and our keeper gave them an open goal, that practically makes it a clean sheet for us.

The second game the CB has a touch of doom, I think he could have just held a clear or pass button but he also had tons of space to control it, so not his fault. They got the ball and scored, the only blip from the defence all night.

I remember you (smith) saying when we conceded a goal that it came from our left. One of the attackers held onto it far too long and lost it, they countered and scored from 2 passes and a square open goal. Not really the defences fault.

Its Fifa, clean sheets are so rare, especially when our CBs/CDMs are 82-84 rated against 90+ strikers with pace and the Rllmuk lads are really good players.

In BAP you need to be scoring at least 2 a match to get wins, our problem lies in attack but that also means the transition from back to front. It has been hoofed a lot and I reckon we could take a bit more care with the over top balls. I reckon 2 or 3 ‘A’ passes simple from any of the back 4 to me/Gerry and then onto a winger or Vinny at CAM would be so effective but we just don’t seem to get any of the basics right or even at the level we were preseason.

We can turn this around but I also think we need more communication. Last night I was basically a spectator when attacking and I could see gaps all over their defence and I don’t think we got by them once when a simple pass (especially inside) would have done the job.

So next week, simple passes and communication for me.

PS: we definitely deserved more points last night but that’s the way it goes sometimes, our luck will come.

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Think Baring hits the nail on the head with the simple passing and communication. At times we were holding onto the ball for too long and getting caught in possession. With no comms, when we went forward, there was no end product. We get the basics right and it will click like it did against Town in the 7-2 last week.

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Just to clarify, I'm not saying last night it was the defence's fault - those two goals in game one were both harsh and against the run of play. I would say we should have converted our pressure into goals.

However, the table doesn't lie. We've got the best attack and almost the worst defence.

We are conceding almost 2 goals on average per game and have an average of 5 shots on target. A 50% conversion rate (2.5 goals per game) is pretty nails to achieve in BAP on FIFA 16 and that stat is inflated by the fact we decimated Town last week.

Good shout on communication though. I had the ball on the right hand side last night with a massive gap ahead of me, it wasn't clear if I should have ran with it or if someone was going to run into the space - in the end I was dispossessed.

On the flip side - somebody said "go alone" from 30 yards out and I ended up curling one into the bottom corner from outside the box.


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Sorry guys, this season appears to have gone all a bit wrong!


Whilst we haven't been great I think lady luck has abandoned us these past few weeks in particular.We have been on the wrong end of many almost tackles, near misses and bizarre decisions from the refs! I did say as much last night on the mic as the match was coming to an end then realised my mic was on mute after everyone left the party, which I think about sums my managerial performance up. :mellow:


1 drawn and 5 defeats in our last 6 games ><

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Yeah it's pretty baffling.

At 1-0 up last night I thought we were pretty comfortable then somehow found ourselves 2-1 in a flash and should have nicked a 2-2 draw at the end.

Can't really put my finger on it; it's a mixture of luck and decision making I think. Classic examples from last night included hitting the post on the stroke of half time from a tight angle and then prior to that, getting a pass to a striker cut out when there was yards of space to attack.

Even though we keep conceding, the scoreline is irrelevant for me, if we don't have the chances to compete with it (like the 4-0 drubbing last week) but last night we did more than enough to win both games and still came away with nothing.

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Like you say this week, we were comfortably in both games just didnt go our way, the luck and decision making combo being about right.

But against Athletic, they have only conceded 6 goals all season (3 before last night)! Which is mental. So I dont think the lack of chances against Athletic is un-common for the other teams in the league. They dont give you much to work with.

If you go further back to the Wanderers game we out shot them by quite some distance in both games!

Luck and decision making! And on the back of those two the heads of dropped.

We still have a round of fixtures to go through though, so we keep plugging away, the goals will come.

If anyone wants to make any suggestions on line up, let me know, Ive been a bit choppy with it the past few weeks!

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It was pretty disheartening to come away with 0 points when we could have had the 6, I felt we were really good attacking but then a couple of bounces against us and we were losing. Then we hit bar/post a few times…I wonder when our luck will come.


But them are the fine margins in top flight football, I can’t begrudge them the 2 wins as they put their chances away. Their keeper must have been MOTM though.


We’ve gotta end with a couple of wins or summit, let’s not finish bottom at least.

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I felt like we didn't actually do anything wrong just unlucky bounces on the night.


I think not having any pros in the two CB positions is hurting us. Just can't out muscle/out play against the top rated strikers on the opposition.


I am happy to jump back in if necessary, even though I'm enjoying playing CDM, I think we need a bit more assurance. (Watch me now give away two pens and scored an OG next week...)

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Sorry chaps, Im not gunna be on tonight, been called to a very early meeting tomorrow morning half way across the country, so have to be up at silly oclock.


Can either Smith/Baring/Tom step in for me please, set up the team and do the stats? If you can get a win itll be a marked improvement on my reign.

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So last night, back to unbeaten ways but way too late in the season.


First game we deserved to win based on the clear cut chances alone. The penalty was undeserved but thankfully the taker was pretty predictable.


Second game we were way too offensive and got caught out, I thought we shaded it overall but could have quite easily lost.






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