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Venice Cull

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On 26/12/2016 at 09:13, partious said:

The fogging happens to me with both the gear vr and the psvr the first few minutes I use them.

Makes showing them to people on the spot more difficult.

Stick them on your head for a minute to let them warm up. Then take it off and it will clear.

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8 hours ago, Butters said:

I got one of these about a month ago, but was too busy at the time to put it through its paces.

Any recommendations on what to download, particularly games?



There really are quite a lot of good games for gear vr now, and with the current sale, now is the time to get them.


Games I have that I would recommend.


Anshar Wars 2

Drop Dead

End Space

Gun Sight 


Proton Pulse

Vectron's Revenge


Micro Machines VR Racing

Affected the Manor (very short but effective horror experience).


The ports of Quake and Doom on sideload vr (after you get used to vr, otherwise you'll get sick).


I have picked up a bunch of other games in this sale that have good reviews, but I havent played them yet.


As for other downloads, the rilix coaster is the best rollercoaster I've tried on gear vr.

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1 hour ago, rafaqat said:

What's the gearvr games like on an s6 edge? Tempted to pick a unit up

 I had an S6 Edge+ for about a month before I got an S7 Edge and tbh didn't notice any difference in any games I tried.

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2 hours ago, rafaqat said:

ok.  Gear VR 2016 version on sale at amazon for 60 quid.   What controller do I need?     Yeah I know  Nob question incoming :)



I've got (but I have to confess, not tried) an Xbox One controller with bluetooth. I'm reliably informed this works!

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50 minutes ago, Butters said:


I've got (but I have to confess, not tried) an Xbox One controller with bluetooth. I'm reliably informed this works!


Ah yes.  That'd have to be an XBoxOne S controller rather than the launch ones.  I have 4 launch ones. Not sure I could bring myself to buy another one. :D


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I had one from not long after launch, so it wasn't bluetooth. However I also had a bucketload of Nectar points. When Sainsburys did their double points value week in November, I used £20 of Nectar points to double up and get a new bluetooth controller for £4.99. Which I can now use for both my One and Gear VR. :)

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2 hours ago, parrapatheslapper said:

I have last years version sat doing nothing if anyone is after one and a Bluetooth controller that is barely used.  The headset is boxed.


This is the controller and seemed pretty decent when I tested it - currently onsale for £20




I'd be interested for the right price.  

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57 minutes ago, rafaqat said:

Ok. Ta. What's the app called. Searched for Gear VR store and oculus Store on the google play store but nothing obvious.

I've seen the Gear VR greats bundle. £22. Good deal? Are they really greats?



Not sure about the bundle but I think you can only install the Oculus store when you plug your phone into the Gear VR.

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1 hour ago, Anne Summers said:

Is there anything else which gives full 3D free movement inside a decent game yet, along the lines of Omega Agent?





I havent played it yet, but recently released Fusion Wars (which looks very much "inspired by" psvr battlezone) has excellent reviews.


If your stomach can handle it, Quake on sideloadvr played standing up is still my favourite gearvr game (played for an hour today).

Doom  vr isnt as good, but it's still good :)


Dreadhalls, vr horror isn't my cup of tea though.


End space is good, if flying a space ship counts as free movement.


Jump (since you said decent as your criteria)


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I took the leap and bought a Gear VR from Amazon as well, it arrived yesterday and I gave the free demos a quick go. It's pretty cool! I've bought Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, pretty sure I'm now on a government watchlist because the site to get the PDF file is literally called "BombManual"



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On 5/3/2016 at 17:30, parrapatheslapper said:

How do you get Steam VR working and what can you do?


Sorry I never saw this.  I use Riftcat.  It allows steam to recognise the GearVR as a connected HMD.  There are some limitations:


You need a fast wireless network (5G) or you can fudge a tethered connection with some right angled micro USB cables

You are limited to games that don't require touch/wand controllers (so mainly older rift games).  I think you can use some third party controllers like razor hydras but I have never tried.

There is some tracking jitter specifically to the Gear VR (It also works with any cardboard set up).  The devs are looking into this.


Basically its fun to try but the experience is quite limited.

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On 12/26/2016 at 08:48, Jarik said:

The Gear VR is very impressive, but I have a problem where I can only use it for a few minutes before the lenses start fogging up & no amount of adjusting the straps appears to help.


I'm still on the lookout for a solution, but i'm pretty sure it's a problem that only happens to a minority of people.


Warm it up with a hair dryer for a few minutes before use.

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I have recently bought Jump, End Space, Fusion Wars and Wands.


Jump is great.  A bit sparse but the jumping mechanic is solid.  You do feel a bit like a super hero.

End Space is amazing.  

Fusion Wars is good fun.  The sliding mechanic takes a bit of getting used to.  Single player may be a bit limited, I have yet to try coop

I haven't tried Wands yet but its meant to be good.


I also hooked up with a few of the rifters (hai @Fox @Sponge @Strategos ) to try Alt Space and it worked great.  They obviously had more fun being able to flip me the bird with their fancy hand presence but was still a great laugh.


I am getting some overheating so have also taken to strapping a gel ice pack to the front of the headset.  its not a good look!


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23 hours ago, mr_rmg said:

End Space is amazing.  




Yeah, I just bought End Space and hooked up my bluetooth controller to it. Took a bit of getting used to in terms of looking to aim and the controller to move, but I really enjoyed it. It's the first game I've played on my Gear VR, and it's set the bar high.



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