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Pokemon Sun & Moon & Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon


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Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon up for pre-order at the Nintendo Store. I've gone for the Dual Fan edition for £69.99







Boxes for Pokemon Gold and Silver are also available for £8.99. It's just the box sadly, no map like Japan gets.










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You missed pokemon silver?? Go back and play it then and only then will I like ur topic good sir

I played the Heart Gold / Soul Silver remakes which are great, only beaten by Black/White as my favourite Pokemon games. There's so much content it's just a shame you have to wait until you complete the game to unlock

GB sounds

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The wait for Gold and Silver was excruciating at the time. I got my mum to send a cheque to a mail order company for the US version before it came out over here, and the day it arrived we got sent home from school because it was snowing and the heating was broken.

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Mew annoyingly is a code from GAME.


As expected the distribution will be via free serial codes, and in the UK they'll be available from GAME stores from 1st to 28th February; GAME also has dibs in Spain, from 1st to 24th February. GameStop will have the codes in Germany and Italy, from 4th-24th February in the former and 1st-24th February in the latter.

As for the 'mon's abilities, the press release says the following in addition to the fact the Legendary can make itself invisible at will.

LEVEL: 100

TYPE: Psychic
ABILITY: Synchronize
MOVE: Pound

This is the first time Mew has been available since the 15th Anniversary release for Heart Gold / Soul Silver in 2010.

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...What'll be the special edition of it? Stars? :unsure:


Really is a shame with X/Y isn't getting a Z. I would have released Z this year and left a completely new generation to start with whatever the next Nintendo handheld is come to be shown off at E3.




Snorlax hasn't had a third evolution yet. He'd be the biggest, meanest badass around, and have EYES. Because Munchlax had EYES.

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GB games are compatible with Pokemon Bank as well so playing those games again won't be a complete waste of time.

Just now, Loki said:

I want to play some Pokémon. Which device should I be looking at?


3DS. You can play every Pokemon game since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

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