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Formula One - 2016 Season


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Looks like we're in for a lot of silver cars with black on them or black cars with silver on them this year. Or just black with splashes of red.


My colour-blindness means that the red accents and even the red of Ferrari don't pop on screen so they look dull too.


Where's the yellows and oranges etc? Boring, all of them.



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Whilst he's undoubtedly joking, I assume it was the what looks like a red hole near the top left that he was referring to. It does appear about the right size to stash a drinks bottle in (not that you'd actually be able to get it out whilst sat in the car!).


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6 minutes ago, JPR said:

Bernie Ecclestone " Formula One is the worst it has ever been. I wouldn't spend my money to take my family to watch a race. No way." He also talks about trying to get mixed grids for Melbourne, but we all know that won't happen.


Then I guess you won't mind if I stream the races you want to make me pay for, thanks.



Praising Putin was also a high point.

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McLaren fans...



Breaking news off the track this morning - Honda chief Yasuhisa Arai will imminently step down from his position ahead of a planned retirement next season.

"Arai's move is part of a wider restructure," a Honda spokeswoman confirmed. 

"This is part of annual changes at Honda and in preparation for his retirement next year."


Translation could be - "the engine is still a dog, you're fucking fired mate".



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Oh dear. There is a chance it's just a co-incidence that's been arranged for the worst possible time PR-wise (it is Honda, after all), but... yeah.


I really want to see McLaren doing well this year. The car looks pretty lovely out on track - actually, I'd say it's by far my favourite of the new bunch.



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So... er... qualifying is changing to this:



Qualifying will remain as a one-hour session, split into three segments, but drivers must be on track for the whole session until they get knocked out.


Details on how the new qualifying format will work exactly have yet to be decided, but the general outline has been agreed.


Q1 will now last 16 minutes and after seven minutes the slowest driver will take no further part in the session.


Every 90 seconds thereafter, the slowest will be knocked out until there are only 15 drivers remaining.


After a short break, Q2 will commence and last 15 minutes with the slowest driver eliminated after six minutes.


As was the case in Q1, the slowest driver at the time will be knocked out at 90-second intervals until eight remain.


Q3 will last 14 minutes and see the process repeated again with the slowest taking no further part after five minutes.


The next five drivers will drop out at 90-second intervals leaving the final two drivers to fight it out for pole in the final 90 seconds.


Not for next season - apparently for this season.

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