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Escape From Tarkov, upcoming survival mmo(ish)


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2 hours ago, Sir Mullo said:


The agenda after the wipe will probably look like this:


Lots of scav runs to build up reserves.

Start missions to build up Dealers

Slowly build up hideout

Build up skills


Going in together as PMCs is going to be great fun


I can't bloody wait! Been having a n absolutely great time with this. Team work and satisfaction is fantastic when you all go in together and pull it off. And still utterly terrifying in places. Cultist to come in the dead of night soon as well! :ph34r:


@moosegrinder Stop your mithering (:P) and come join us for the wipe, it'll be loads of fun. We have been having such a laugh with it. @Adrock and myself are like a comedy duo at times (is that a minefield... Boom...oops!) when we play so come join us. Both up to lvl 20 now.


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Urgh I’m shit at kb/mouse. Shame there isn’t a free to play demo to give it a trial, got my Shadow activated yesterday and it’s working great so eager to unlock some of the cool shit out there. 

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I have a massive problem with accuracy with the mouse. I can't make the minute movements that the game requires. I also noticed this when trying to do some precise shit in Photoshop yesterday, so I don't know if it's my mouse, or that I need a higher DPI or that I'm just a cack handed dolt. Maybe all three.

I did some research into settings for FPS's and DPI and that and most people seem to have relatively low settings but I need like 1200 or something to even vaguley make the tiniest adjustment.

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8 hours ago, MattKB said:

Urgh I’m shit at kb/mouse. Shame there isn’t a free to play demo to give it a trial, got my Shadow activated yesterday and it’s working great so eager to unlock some of the cool shit out there. 


I wouldn't worry about it, I'm all over the place with my shaky left hand (tm) but still have fun. And it's just practice in the end. 

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On 14/05/2020 at 09:18, MattKB said:

Urgh I’m shit at kb/mouse. Shame there isn’t a free to play demo to give it a trial, got my Shadow activated yesterday and it’s working great so eager to unlock some of the cool shit out there. 


Game would need to be redeveloped to use with controller (I think)


You'd lose so much aswell. I was once a controller, console gamer and made the switch about 8 years ago. Its night and day the difference but it did take me a very long time to get used to it.

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On 21/01/2020 at 10:12, Herbalizer said:

Sounds good. I play on my Shadow so will just need to set up the mic on my headset.  Pop me an invite later.

what are you using your shadow on? Any performance issues?


I have the basic one but have read unless you have a ghost the performance on Tarkov is 30 FPS tops. 

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13 minutes ago, MattKB said:

what are you using your shadow on? Any performance issues?


I have the basic one but have read unless you have a ghost the performance on Tarkov is 30 FPS tops. 


I have a Shadow Ghost and have the Infinite tier sub 

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4 hours ago, MattKB said:

what are you using your shadow on? Any performance issues?


I have the basic one but have read unless you have a ghost the performance on Tarkov is 30 FPS tops. 


Come join us, wipe is near! :)

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Give us a shout when you're going on and will jump on if possible on as it far less unforgiving, of sorts, in a group than on your own. Which is absolutely terrifying to start with but amazing.

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Spoilered for length


Dear Escapers!

Tomorrow at 11.00 Moscow time, we plan to start installing patch

This will take from 3 to 5 hours, and the game will be stopped for this time.

There will be a global wipe of characters. The wipe will not affect the saved weapon presets and examined items in the handbook.

List of changes:



“Captcha” was added to the flea market.

If there are suspicious actions at the flea market and in the trade, a captcha may appear.

If you enter the captcha incorrectly three times, the account will be blocked from accessing the flea market for 5 minutes, after which you will need to enter the captcha again to buy the item.

Each subsequent three times incorrect entry will increase the time of the ban.

Access to trading will not be banned, but it will require entering a captcha.

All stashes, for all editions, increased by 2 rows (+20 cells)

Improved the display of objects via thermal imaging devices. Through thermal imagers, now, as in real life, it is impossible to spot through the glass.

Ability to lean while prone

Added the first iteration of Steam Audio, aimed at improving the positioning of sound in game, it can be turned on with the option “Steam Audio: Binaural audio” in the game settings. This option is disabled by default.

Now you can't sell items that were not found in raid on the flea market . This rule will not apply to weapons.

When combining stacks of items found in raid with items not found in raid, all items will receive not found in raid status.

Items that are placed in a secured container get the status " found in raid” only when you exfil the location with the status “Survived” (“Ran through” is not counted).

When you exit with the status "run through” or death, all items in your inventory that you brought out lose the "found in the raid” status

If you enter a raid with items that have the "found in raid” status, the items lose this status.

When buying an offer from the flea market, the item also loses the "found in raid” status 

The quest reward obtained by completing a quest, crafted in the hideout, the Drops, and items obtained through the scav box will have “found in raid” status

All the Fence's goods will not have "found in raid” status 

A large number of UI layout edits and UI bug fixes

The resource of items (fuel, medicine, etc.) is now displayed in the flea market interface

Now the currency icons at the flea market are colored differently

5 new parts for the AR-15/M4, not available from merchants (you will have to search for them on locations and in the inventory of bots)

New character tops and bottoms

BEAR - top " Tigr”

BEAR - pants from " Zaslon” equipment kit

USEC - Urban Responder

USEC - Deep Recon pants

Scavs - Motocross Jacket

New gear


Various CPU optimizations

Sound optimizations

Optimization of casing, muzzleflashes

Optimizing the creation of decals

AI improvements:

Improved behavior of ordinary scavs, now they can cooperate

Fixed a bug that when a player falls into the bot's legs, the bot can’t hit him

Fixed a bug where the Gluhar and his guards did not react to the enemy

Fixed a bug where the Gluhar did not react to shots and the death of his guards

Fixed a bug where the Shturman's guards did not take their positions

The Sturman's guards will no longer rush between points while in peaceful behavior

Bots no longer attack a player scav who has killed another player scav (the aggressor)

Increased variety of bot patrol routes on locations


A bug where the border of the interface elements were twitching

The mastering counter is now updated during the raid

One of the bugs where player did not hear the fall of the grenade

Ripples in the FLIR thermal imager

Bug that would cause inability to open the inspector of items on quest items

One of the bugs of incorrect calculation of the amount of money when purchasing an item

Bug when a grenade would not fly through the window if you throw it too close to the window

A bug where the character could pass through obstacles if player would switch to melee weapons while checking the weapon's fire mode

Bug when the image in the inactive optics was frozen if several sights were installed

Bug of inability to complete the quest if the player lost the connection to the server at the time of selecting the quest item

Bug when the sight image was frozen after reconnect

Visor audibility sounds, prone movement, third-person character shortness of breath

Fixed at the flea market:

Layering of the offer description in fleamarket UI

Bug of deducting twice the number of items from the merchant, when buying two items

Bug of overlapping the drop-down list of filters with elements of the offer list interface

Improved display of the purchase limit

Displaying the maximum number of items when purchasing a single offer with multiple items

Bug of inability to buy several items for barter

Fixed in presets

Bug for selecting blocked offers, if you put a checkbox when purchasing items for a preset “Select all”

Flea market interface block, when purchasing preset items, as a result of an error

Various other fixes

Bug when a character could move to a prone position while jumping

Blocking the examining of items if the player has started examining an item in the handbook

Movement bug, when a character could increase their speed as a result of running and jumping

A bug where the reconnect while indoors led to the fact that all sounds were not switched as indoor sounds

Bug when there was no animation for a melee attack while prone

Bug when a broken visor was visible against the background of the preset or modification screens in the Hideout

Spamming AI error on the server, related to searching the bot's path

Spamming error on the client “Graphics.CopyTexture called with null destination texture” when opening inventory

Lack of sound when switching magnification on some scopes

Error when the storage time of items in the email displayed a negative value when opening the window or receiving the mail

Bug that didn't display the list of friends for invite to the group dialog

Bug that caused deleted messages to appear in the dialog after sending new messages

Fixed incorrect position of the “Old school" bottom clothing icon

Various other bug fixes

A large number of fixes on locations (culling fixes, physical colliders, visual bugs, etc.)

Various localization edits

Various fixes in the animation system

Various network fixes

A large number of various technical fixes aimed at increasing the stability of the game


Removed the audio notification about the completion of crafting during the raid

Now you can't throw grenades while sprinting

Changed the conditions for the status “Survived”. Now you need to stay in the raid for at least 10 minutes or gain at least 600 XP before leaving the location.

Increased the amount of experience required for the first 20 character levels

Simplified Jaeger's quests

Changed various old quests, new rewards have been added

A large number of rarity edits and chances of items spawn

Increased the variety of items spawned in loot containers

Improved the quality of loot issued for a successful extraction with a friendly Scav

Various changes in the characteristics of items

Various changes in the equipment of bots and the player scavs

Various changes in loot spawn points locations

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On 23/02/2020 at 11:53, moosegrinder said:



So, what I tend to do (because I'm lazy/have a horrid habit of avoiding learning new things) is I go to Customs and raid the caches. I do Interchange sometimes as finding dead Scavs in Idea and that but I avoid the mall 'proper' as that's where everyone farms Killa and all the 'decent' loot is.


I use this map:




This WTFMoses video is useful to where a decent path is.


The Scav run is RNG at it's best/worst, but I've gotten out more with a Scav than I have with a PMC. I usually avoid all conflict on a scav because I don't have the skill to win engagements. However you do enough Scav runs and statistically speaking you're bound to come out with something and make some money. I can't help you on engagements with players and Scavs except to say use a headset instead of speakers and reeeeeeally listen to where gunfire is from. Don't sprint unless you have to (like trying to reposition if you get in a gunfight) because you also need to listen for other footsteps and always control your speed with the mouse wheel.

Put looted guns, helmets, earpieces, whatever on your character if possible. I know this sounds obvious but it's easy to miss the fact you can put shit on your dude to carry it.


Personally if you're somewhere where Scavs spawn individually I'd pop them in the head and hope there's no more nearby to see you and loot the shit out of them, especially if your Scav has no bag or whatever. I also void high traffic areas like Dorms, Big Red, and Gas Station.


Have these open on a phone, tablet or a second screen if you have one.




The Scav run should fund the PMC run. You should get out with gear at some point, so use that. When you're doing a PMC run take whatever gun feels best to you. I can't use the Mosin so I go for the AK frames. Also LEARN THE AMMO. The ammo is much more important than the gun and it's fucking complicated. And even then the best ammo doesn't mean shit if you get thermaled out of nowhere.



AFAIK this is up to date. The way I go about it is I vendor any shit ammo I find, keep the decent ammo and buy the high mid like BP for the AK (5.45x39). IF Vendors don't sell it, Flea Market it. Just suck up the cost.

If you're super low on money then you're probably going to have to lean on your Scav findings, but if you have got loads of shit you've not sold (see below) and suddenly have like 1M a budget PMC load out is a gun you like, the mid high ammo PLUS:




This helmet has a high ricochet chance, it's the best budget one.



This head set. It makes all the difference. WARNING it makes your footsteps super loud too.



The 6b5-16 'Uley' armoured Tactical Rig. You don't need a vest with this as it has armour built in, When buying Flea Market armour always be aware of the condition. You can repair shit a few times, but I've made the mistake of buying fucked gear so set up the filters so you only see 100% stuff.

In the flea market go to the cog, put condition to 100 in the left box as well as the right at the top arrow. Remove barter at the mid arrow. Remember filters at the bottom arrow so you don't have to keep fucking about.

Ultimately this won't save you from Gen 4 geared nutcases but if you play like I do it should deal with other Scavs/lowbies. The Vendor armour may as well be paper, don't bother with it.


Learn to use the flea market. Until you start to learn what shit is worth right click and Filter By Item to see what it's worth, then go to a Vendor that will take whatever you're selling (if multiple take something use whichever you need to level up) and see if it's worth selling it to them or on the Flea Market (the thing about this is that you can usually waste a good portion of the Scav reset just sorting your inventory).

I'd probably say you've got stuff in your stash that is worthless to you but if you sell it you'll make bank. That;'s how I made most of my pitiful balance. I was holding on and holding on and eventually just fucked it off and sold shit and made like 2m.

I think that's about it. I've probably missed something. Also sorry if this is a bit "My First EFT" but I don't know what you do and don't know, so feel free to tell me if I'm being a condescending prick.



TBH you can play for as little or as long as you want, but if you get interrupted frequently you're going to be fucked because the game requires all your attention all the time. Scavs reset every twenty minutes, but I've had some Scav runs that have lasted less than a minute, so then I'm either off to make a cup of tea, do a PMC run or turning it off in a huff.

PUBG is only a touchstone for this game as it seems that's where most of the Streamers have come from. This game is fucking brutal. It's mean. It's an absolute bell end. But it's also stupendously rewarding wen it goes right.



What time do you play? If it's super-late I can't help you as I crash about 10pm most nights, but when it's not a school night I can stay up and run duos if you want?

Also can someone post the Discord details, I keep forgetting to set it up.

EDIT: also, if anyone wants to correct me on this feel free to. I know there's a couple of folks in here who've put WAY more time into it so probably have a more accurate take on it.




This is what I laid down a few months ago. It's still largely relevant BUT I now know isn't replacement for the experience you get by playing, especially with others. Read it to get the gist of the game but really get online and play. EDITTED to spoil for length.

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52 minutes ago, MattKB said:

I'll try get on later tonight, username is MattKB. Need to check it runs ok first really. 

What discord group do you use, the rllmuk one??


Friend request sent.

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