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Escape From Tarkov, upcoming survival mmo(ish)


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Fair play, if it works for you then keep them. :)


Good starters are Mosin and AK variants but tbh it's whatever works for you again. If you like one, stick with it. The ammo is probably more important. Even if you don't take guns off scavs or players take their mags and ammo to check later. 

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This can help with prices:




Another thing to have open when playing! You'll get a feel for it in the end, took me bloody ages. 


Oh and hideout, get everything up to 1 asap. Then I'd say generator, water and food (need to check so I'm sure others can advise better). Some are then locked behind others so a sort of logical profession. But put as much as you can in when you can. Will really help down the line. 

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26 minutes ago, MattKB said:

I'm finding the pistols pretty useful actually as am a crap shot with the rifle so CQ I'm ripping up scavs with pistol rounds. It's tough to know what's a good gun given the massive variety 


The main thing for guns, apart from a few notable shit ones like the Saiga, PP-19 and VPO AK alike, is the ergonomics and the recoil.


For damage you are relying upon the ammo and at the level you're currently at you won't be shooting good stuff unless you find it in raid. Obviously the higher tier guns will have better ammo, naturally, but most guns have a decent ammo that can be bought later in the game.


Basically this was a long post to say use whatever you enjoy using.

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12 minutes ago, MattKB said:

I actually logged in the other week, had a few good runs, logged in again and it’s all gone because of the wipe. 
what does the new wipe add / bring?


Expanded woods map, skill progression accelerated, missions reworked and lots of small changes. Oh and the addition of the cultists, which hide away at night and stab you up with a poisoned knife.

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56 minutes ago, Len said:


Stop taunting me! 


My K/D ratio is at 2, which isn't anywhere near brilliant but it's a decent improvement and I'm definitely winning engagements on a personal level. Our trio is working well at the moment.

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So we're errr, all still completely addicted to this and play it daily just about.


Anyway, a big patch and wipe just happened on the 12th which included many changes and a new map, Lighthouse.



It is still hands down the most exhilarating, terrifying, rewarding and downright incredible game out there for me. I cannot stop playing it.


Come and join us if you fancy and it is definitely the more the merrier. :)

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Biggest change is the introduction of inertia, which means no more full sprints into jumps out of windows and the like.


It has changed, massively, the feel of the game and I think a lot of popular streamers are going to take a bit of adjusting.


Had my wipe high point already last night, 4 player kills in a single raid. 3 of them being in the same squad.


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