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Movie Picture Quiz Revival

Rowan Morrison

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1 hour ago, Rowan Morrison said:

I do believe it's Presumed Innocent.


It is ! I wondered if the decor would give it away, but I think in the film the shot only lasts a few seconds. It was too tantalising a shot to not use first. I only saw it recently, thought maybe it is a bit of a forgotten film. 





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Think that's the Roger Corman classic, X- Man With The X-Ray Eyes. I used to have a poster of it as a kid that scared the hell out of me. I also had a poster of Dark Star with the tagline "Bombed out in space with a spaced out bomb" which I never understood for years and years until I finally saw the movie when I was much older.


Although if it's not X-Ray Eyes, which is entirely possible, then I've gone down a road of mumbling away some memories like an old man on a seat by the window.  

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