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1v1 League - S35 League One Dressing Room


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15 hours ago, Hello Goaty ♥ said:

Played our NYC cousin Len tonight!. ( or this afternoon for him )


and and we had two cracking ties!. I said it's always nice when two players are balanced 


Game One: Hoffenheim 3  Boca Jrs. 3!

end to end stuff, with defences as weak as the Titanic :) 

Vargas on the double for our lot, with a late, late equaliser for Volland!

( Boca Jrs led  2-3. till the death! ) 


Phew. A point in the bag for both :)



Game Two: Boca Jrs. 1  Hoffenheim 2

This could have gone either way... but I won :o

we went 1up soon on through Vargas screaming one in. But Tevez made the most of a poor deflection for Boca Jrs. to make it 1-1

and then, some time into the 2nd half ( 70 ish I think ) Vargas stepped in again and put another one in at an angle! the game ended with Hoffenheim smiling!


thanks Len, very enjoyable and all the best against some of these tough nuts! 

we will have to get some practice games in! across time zones :lol:




Most enjoyable and frenetic games it has to be said. That first bloody game though, 2-3 up, thinking this could be it, my first ever rllmuk league win. Free kick for me in the last few mins outside his box, what do i do? Pass it straight to the wall who then break up field and score the equaliser. Aaarrrgggghhh....lol! Vargas is lethal. Much tighter second game which I think you deserved to shade it has to be said.


I also on a number of occasions kept getting so excited/frantic my finger slipped on to the PS button I find myself in the PS4 front end whilst panicking and trying to get back to the game, does this ever happen to others or just my cack handedness? ;)  I think i actually have a psychological block over winning a game or taking a lead. Anyway, whatever, was a lot of fun and like Goaty says very evenly matched. Definitely up for some more practise games when possible. :)

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And maybe the less said about my first league games back with sicpuppy the better... ;)


Ok then, a total thrashing was had.


Aston Villa 5-1 Boca Juniors

3 down within 15mins and fearing the absolute worst it has to be said. Boca all over the place and Villa looking smooth. Couldn't get close to them, the ball off them and they were intercepting everything I did. Panic stations! This went to 4-0 and Boca finally pulled one back to save some face in the second half. 4-1. But yet another goal finished me off at the end. Very well played by sicpuppy, we may be looking at our league champion here. I challenge you all to lose by more! 


Boca Juniors 1-4 Aston Villa

After the first game i decided to have a look at my formation and realised the open 4-3-3 I had defaulted to would definitely not do. Amended that to something more reliable and tried to relax. Bingo...Tevez scores a great opener and there is hope...but not for long. Equaliser arrives quickly and then followed by a couple more. Tevez hits the bar with a screamer of a header in the second half but Boca's fight is finally quelled by a fourth. Better play from me but fully deserved result for sicpuppy and Villa once again.





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As the above results might show, my defending is appalling if not non-existent. How do I get better at this as I seem to be all over the shot. Is it just play the (very boring imo) skill games over and over again? I currently use the hold x to track the player and then try with square (alternate) to tackle them if close enough. Any other advice from the professionals out there?

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If you are struggling, pick a formation with two CDMs.


When you are in game, use the jocky button to (LT I think) if you find yourself being ran at, only use B if you are shoulder to shoulder. If you are infront if them when doing it, itll usually be a wild lunge that gets nowhere near the ball.


Best advice for me is try to hold your line, try to avoid bringing defenders out to meet an opponent, if they hold the line and block off options whilst you should use the nearest midfielder to chanse back.


Also use RB to call on the AI to help you contain and track back. Keep an eye on which player charges over the help you, if the nearest player is a defender that could leave gaps.


Try to never open up a gap at the back! (lul)

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9pm kickoff 

Crystal Palace 1v 1 West Ham


Very cagey affair,  as the two brothers met for the first time in the league and neither wanted to give much away.  An early glance of the bar from Cabaye had West Ham worried, but they limited Palace to long shots throughout the game.  Mid way through the second half Palace switched Bolasie and Zaha over and out was not long after Bolasie crossed to find Adebayor rising above the defender to head home... 1-0.

Minutes later, Kayoute found space around 25yards out and crashed an unstoppable drive in off the post to put Palace back in their place. Adebayor scored a goal that was harshly adjudged to be off side and the game drew to a close.


09:30pm kick off

West Ham 0 v 2 Crystal Palace


A much better game,  with many more chances and a fairly comfortable display from Palace. Ward jinked into the box in the 3rd minute and slashed it home from 8 yards and Palace never looked back. West Ham had few chances and Palace again peppered the goal of Adrian,  although only tested him a few times. It took a half time substitution of Gayle for Ade before Palace found the second killer goal,  a lovely cross followed by a header against the post,  rebounding back to Gayle to calmly smash home.  West Ham were gone and never getting back into this game. 


Both games were nervy but fair results. 


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19 hours ago, Len said:

As the above results might show, my defending is appalling if not non-existent. How do I get better at this as I seem to be all over the shot. Is it just play the (very boring imo) skill games over and over again? I currently use the hold x to track the player and then try with B to tackle them if close enough. Any other advice from the professionals out there?


 Don't worry, by the time we play on Saturday I'll have had a few beers! :)

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Crystal Palace 1 vs West Ham 1


Cracking game with a hard fought midfield battle for the first half leading to a few half chances, posts hit and some easy chances wasted.

Second half opened the game up a bit with Palace and West Ham tinkering and a good substitution by the Palace manager lead to some great work down the wing and a great cross which Adebyfallover met with his head. Poor defending by Reid who tried to header thin air and the first goal had been scored. This upset West Ham who piled forward looking for an answer, and that answer soon came in the form of Kouyate. A poor clearance from the Palace defence was picked up, ball laid off to Kouyate who from 25 yards hit an unstoppable shot top right corner. He then celebrated like a man possessed. The rest of the second half opened up and a few chances were there for the taking, West Ham should of taken the lead but Emineke decided he couldn’t shoot and Palace again could of scored at the end. Adebyfallover had a goal disallowed for offside which was tight to say the least. Overall a fair result and the fans were looking forward to the return leg at West Ham.


West Ham 0 vs Palace 2


A more open and attacking game took place and Palace came out of the traps like a greyhound on speed and within 3 minutes they had taken the lead. Trickery down the right from Ward, who left cresswell for dead before he cut in and scored past a flapping Adrian. This stunned West Ham into action and the front 3 of Valencia, Sakho and Emineke took it upon themselves to make this happen. In the 31st minute a good bit of interplay from the 3 lead to a great ball into the box which Emineke received and turned to shoot before being dragged down. The players looked at the ref, the West Ham manager shouted at the ref and he decided to wave away all protests. Even the Palace manager was stunned it wasn’t a peno. The West Ham manager couldn’t let it lie and eventually got sent to the stands for calling the fourth official a f**ing C**t. This lead to more attacks from West Ham, another dodgy tackle in the box looked like the peno would finally arrive but again the ref waved away all protests. Again the West Ham manager was losing the plot and this time hurling more abuse at anyone who would listen. Half time came and in the second half West Ham pushed for the equaliser. Emineke should of scored when one on one but a good save from the keeper and a quick break away attack from Palace led to the second goal. This knocked the stuffing out of West Ham who looked bereft of ideas and the game petered away. Overall a very dodgy ref and some bad shooting made the result look unjust.



Good games tho bro and I will take u down in Ultimate Team instead ;)

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On 25/02/2016 at 3:06 PM, Steely said:

I wasnt meaning to have a go, just a prompt to the 4 who have fallen behind slightly to get them penciled in soon as. (I know Harbey hasnt got back to you on your fixture with him also.)

Haven't I?  Sorry if I've missed that somewhere.  I'm good all weekend but I'll PM / message you to arrange.  


Just got back from Hull vs Wednesday.  Fernando Forestieri's sending off!  Yes, I'm biased.  But that was some awful decision.  (and I've had a drink :o)

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Don't faint everyone but.....I WON A BLOODY GAME! W0000000000000000000000000!  :omg:


Talk about two hard fought fixtures.


Boca Juniors 0-3 Galatasaray

Cagey opening and then a three goal blast midway through the first half by Galatasaray knocked the stuffing out of Boca who just couldn't seem to get back in to it at all, some great defending by the Turks and Sneijder being a constant menace. Boca improved after halftime and it became a much more equal affair but there was to be no comeback as both teams cancelled each other out.


0-1 Boca Juniors

Return leg and this was even cagier. Boca realised that they had the wrong controller setup in the previous game (oops, classic instead of alternate) so quickly switched back (would have made no diff anyway). Impressive defending from both sides with hardly a sniff for anyone. Galatasaray doing a lot of fouling in their final third or was it the S Americans falling over, who knows? Then finally a breakthrough comes from another free kick (was it a corner, can't remember?!?) which Tevez glanced in past the keeper halfway through the second half. End to end stuff with resolute defending from both sides snuffing most chances out and finally, finally Boca ran out winners. :)



I really felt like I tuned a huge corner with my defending during the two games and have a much better feel for it, well apart from the three goal blast in the first game. Onwards and upwards... ;) 

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Ahhhh feel like such a tit for not posting here sooner






Aston Villa 2 - 0 Bournemouth


If I had to choose my hardest fought win, its this one - I dont remember all the ins-and-outs, but lets just say the Bournemouth forward line that Jim set up with is an absolute nightmare, and I have no idea how Bournemouth failed to find the back of the net - going close on many, many occasions. Two goals (One well worked, and one very lucky/unfortunate for Jim) made this look like a comfortable home win - it wasn't!


Bournemouth 1 - 0 Aston Villa


My first loss - but it was deserved. Bournmouth created chance after chance - but ultimately it could have gone either way. Wilson scoring the rebound after firing at Guzan.


Bournemouth hit the woodwork twice whilst a nervy Villa failed to make the most out of great chances making poor decisions in the final third. Very well played though by Bournmouth!


Well played Jim, and I am happy to play again in a friendly!




Aston Villa 2 - 2 Leicester City


The first game I played. I was NOT ready for it that was for sure. I don't play seasons and it feels so much different to UT. I played with a formation that is foreign to me and it showed. 2-0 down at half time. At HT I changed to a formation that I was familiar with and changed it up a little and found myself at 2-2 at 70 minutes and pushing hard for the winner - chance after chance went begging for the home team whilst the away team looked dangerous on the break, going close in the 80-something minute through Vardy. With no disrespect to my opponent, I felt hard done by not to win this one.


Leicester City 1 - 5 Aston Villa


Now I knew my team a little better I was confident going into the away fixture and thankfully it showed - with my new formation and a couple of players swapped out this was a comfortable away win - with a better shape and an energetic midfield the Villa side tracked back and got forward at every opportunity. At 1-0 I was confident. But when it was quickly made 1-1 (by Okazaki I believe) I feared another tight game - alas the energy of the midfield kept Leicester penned in their own half for the majority of game and the chances flowed with Leicester looking lively (but not as lively as the second half in the reverse fixture) on the break.


Well played Alison, and I am happy to play again in a friendly!




Aston Villa 5 - 1 Boca Juniors


I felt sorry for Len. 3 very quick goals (10, 15, 20 minutes) which came from some slick-interplay ultimately left him with 70 minutes to play disheartened, then the fourth went in...Fair play though, clawing back the equaliser and playing on with purpose and creating some decent chances for Tevez and co.


Boca Juniors 1 - 4 Aston Villa


This game I honestly thought Len had given his controller to a seasoned pro - it was unreal. He kept the ball with ease, was very patient and got the ball from front to back without me getting near him - I was worried. When Tevez put Boca 1-0 up without me creating anything of note I was getting anxious. I was nervous, man! How can this be? I've just scored 5! Somehow, before half time hit it was 1-1 - I felt lucky and relieved, but no confident of a comeback - Len had to be feeling pretty down. Second half comes around and its more even, Boca still looking the more dangerous and direct. 60-something minute its 2-1 to Villa, the Boca players now have lost the grip on the game and the scoreline runs away from them - by 4-1 the team looked defeated and Villa kept the ball in the Boca half with only a rare break from Boca causing the Villa defense any worry. Well played Len, this could have ended much differently and the scoreline is nothing short of flattering.


Well played Len, and I am happy to play again in a friendly!


Hello Goaty


Aston Villa 3 - 0 Hoffenheim


A spirited performance from Hoffenheim but some individual errors at the back were pounced on by this energetic Villa team, some decent technical play from Hoffenheim undermined by some casual defensive work, the ball being pinched high up the pitch made this a frustrating game for Hoffenheim. To be fair to Goaty, with some practice it looked like this team could cause some damage.


Hoffenheim 0 - 4 Aston Villa

Sadly, Hoffenheim still hadn't found their feet and it was pretty much a carbon copy of the first game. Nothing much to report.


Well played Goaty, and I am happy to play again in a friendly!


I'm sorry the reports aren't more in-depth, im struggling to recall scorers, times etc. Above is to the best of my recollection :)


Enjoyed every game so far - everyone has been on-time or early and have all been very courteous and polite - lovely, thanks guys!

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Crystal Palace 1-0 Leicester 

great game, even possession, I'd say it was a lucky (ish) goal for adebayor lol. Leicester had there chances but couldn't find the net. 


Leicester 0-1 Crystal Palace 

same again although palace goal was sublime a wonderfully took free kick gave them the win. 


Great at games well played and well deserved 

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21 hours ago, Alison94 said:

Crystal Palace 1-0 Leicester 

great game, even possession, I'd say it was a lucky (ish) goal for adebayor lol. Leicester had there chances but couldn't find the net. 


Leicester 0-1 Crystal Palace 

same again although palace goal was sublime a wonderfully took free kick gave them the win. 


Great at games well played and well deserved 

Adebayor comes on at half time for Wickham and strikes with his first touch of the game! Typically that's about all he does and a close encounter ends 1-0.


Second game Leicester should have had it won. Dominated possession, most of the game spent in Palaces half, if it wasn't for a wonder free kick from Cabaye this had 0-0 or a Leicester win written all over it 


Both games were very very battly,  I felt worn out after them. Leicester are a tough opponent to break down but on this occasion I was able to nullify Vardy and co.


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So then,  Bournemouth 1 v 1 Crystal Palace 


What can I say,  this was pure premier league football (OK maybe League 1!) End to end stuff, high octane,  fast and furious, and some bad shooting and passing chucked in. Palace started the game with completely the wrong side, and were soon making substitutes!! Ledley came on for Mutch and seconds later a well drilled corner and Jedinak scored with the header.  It didn't take long for Bournemouth to equaliser,  some pushing and shoving on Palaces right back and Bournemouth broke free,  drilled the ball in low and powered home,  1-1!

The test of the game saw chance after chance missed at both ends,  Palace's front line is woeful, the manager must be kicking himself for signing that contract until the end of the season,  he won't be staying past then,  that's for sure. 


Second game and Bournemouth just about edged it with some clinical football and amazing defending. An early goal was all they needed as Palace were not good enough to break down that defence, and the few times they got through the goalie was there to deny all. 

 0-1 to Bournemouth. 


Well done JimmmUK! 

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Bournemouth 0           -                       West Ham 5   

                                                                                    Payet 18, 42

                                                                                    Sakho 35

                                                                                    Emineke 44, 65


With the West Ham manager keeping a close eye on the Bournemouth/Palace game it was all set to be a battle especially with Bournemouth nicking a 1-0 wins in their last game against Palace.

As expected Bournemouth came out flying from the traps with Iturpe, Wilson and Gradel tearing into the West Ham defence. Iturpe was causing all sorts of problems appearing on the right, middle and left and making the West Ham defenders look like amateurs. First shot went to Bournemouth, as Itupre again tore Cresswell to pieces and played a good ball to Smith, he jinked inside past Reid only to put his shot wide. You would have thought this sent alarm bells ringing with West Ham, but they didn’t learn. A break away attack by west ham was broken down in midfield and picked up Iturpe who played some quick passing and eventually found Wilson who run at the defence who in turn decided to move out of his way (they are nice like that). With goal beckoning Wilson just shot the ball wide. It was looking like it was going to be a long night for West Ham and this made the manager have a look at the way the team was set up. Some small changes later and the match resumed. Adrian took a goal kick into the middle of the park, a good header won by Kouyate played the ball to Payet.  A neat little touch to Valencia who stormed into the 18 yard line and with Payet unmarked he found himself in the box and after receiving a nice ball from Valencia he slotted home and West Ham had taken the lead from their first attack. The West Ham fans went mental and the Bournemouth players looked shocked.

Bournemouth took it upon themselves to get the equaliser and some more aggressive pressing and quick passing set Gradel up for a shot from 20 yards and if it wasn’t for Adrian the scores would have been level. Bournemouth piled forward in another attack and some great defending from Reid broke up the attack on the west ham 18 yard line. Quick passing found Sakho in the middle of the park, a great over the top thru ball found Emineke in plenty of space down the left. He looked up and saw Sakho running thru, great cross in and Sakho volleyed in from 8 yards to make it 2-0 and the robot celebration came out to play. The tide had changed and West Ham suddenly took a grip upon the game. The front 4 players of Payet, Valencia, Sakho and Emineke were now in full control and another quick build up play by Bournemouth was again nullified by West Ham and with the 4 of them piling forward some good quick interchange created spaces and eventually found Payet who curled the ball into the net just before half time to make it 3-0. As the half time whistle loomed abit of ping pong defending by Bournemouth and some ping pong attacking by West Ham found Emineke 25 yards out who drove one in top corner leaving the keeper routed to the spot. The West Ham manager was running up and down  the touchline like a crazier version of Klopp.

No changes for either side at half time and we were off again. West Ham were knocking the ball about with less urgency but managing to stem any Bournemouth attacks. Then in the 62nd minute a sloppy pass from Bournemouth was picked up by Payet in his own half. A sublime through ball from Payet was picked up by Emineke who ran past the last defender, got one on one with the keeper before calmly curling the ball into the net. West Ham were in heaven!!. A few subs by both managers saw Andy Carroll enter the match and in the 82 minute he nearly got his first goal of the season. Picking the ball on the right he drifted in like a massive donkey, found himself on the edge of the box, just shooting wide. The game then petered out with Bournemouth still trying to find a goal and West Ham defending well. The final whistle was blown and West Ham were celebrating the biggest win if the season so far. So onto the next game and could West Ham actually win their first home game of the season?



West Ham 1                -           Bournemouth 0

Emineke 63


After the jubilation of the last match West Ham were hoping to win their first home game of the season. A much tougher battle ensued as Bournemouth seemed to get to grips with the West Ham style of play and they started the game much like the last. Constant aggressive pressing, quick countering football and basically keeping West Ham on their toes. Adrian made some good saves from Wilson and Gradel and Emineke shot just wide from a good position. Half time came and this gave both managers the chance to change things up. Lanzini came on for the ineffective Sakho and the match resumed.

Again Bournemouth stifled West Ham and there were few chances and more midfield battles. The deadlock was broken in the 63rd minute. A great ball thru from Payet found Emineke and with work to do he skipped past one defender, got a lucky bounce off the second before rifling home to score the first of the match. More West Ham fans going mental and the crowd began to sing “im forever blowing bubbles” at full volume. Could they win again? Well Bournemouth kept on pushing for an equaliser, but some resolute defending from West Ham kept them at bay. Adrian pulled off a late stunning save and West Ham had won again.

The West Ham manager said after the game “This is a message to the whole of the league” altho when pressed on what the message was the manager cut the interview short and told the reporter to do one.  



Great games Jimmy and well played. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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Thanks for the games Chewylegs and riftydogg.


Felt the 5-0 scoreline was a tad unfortunate, but can't complain - I was destroyed by that front line!


Good luck for the rest of the season chaps. Mid table beckons for me I reckon!

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