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1v1 League - S35 League One Dressing Room


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Yeh, good stuff. Sorry about the delay in getting going but hadn't switched my ps4 on for a  while so it had to update and then it told me I had no psplus membership so had to use a two day workaround. God knows what was going on. 


Can't believe I had the ball in the back of the net first in the first game but was offside, soon after became the Vardy show sadly and I just couldn't compete. Well played and good luck. 

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16 hours ago, sicpuppy said:

What happens to Harbey's results if he doesn't play the rest of us?


We all get 6 points and the rest of the results stand. That's how it works isn't it, right...right? ;)

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Last night Leicester played Hoffenheim. 


Leicester 6-0 Hoffenheim. 

Mahrez 1 Okazaki 2 Vardy 3 

The game was very one sided 


Hoffenheim 1-5 Leicester 

schwegler 1 -  Okazaki 2 Vardy 3 

the game was a lot tougher with Hoffenheim closing down Leicester a lot more than game 1. 


Jamie Vardy managed 2 hat-tricks, leicester city's player of the season. The mans been on fire. 


So thats all folks for Leicester city's season is now complete. 


Well played to all and good luck for your remaining games if you have any. 



Chat shit, get banged. 

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Bit late but here goes 


West Ham 9 - Hoffenhiem 1


A strange game as the first half ended goalless after Hoffenhiem saved a peno and then saved a point blank shot. Also an early red card for a crunching tackle and Hoffenhiem were down to 10

Second half the Hammers ran riot with Payet instrumental in everything and scoring a hat trick. 


Hoffenhiem 0 - West Ham 4

Second game Hoffenhiem could of scored first but the bar and post stopped that. This time it was Emineke to score a hat trick 


Good games Goaty and great peno save and good luck 

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The final games have been put through the pools panel. Also, one guy was removed as he had played less than 50%.


I apologise for the farcical admin this season, I only really started the season as a technical resource with the understanding others would run the admin of the league itself, but it's not really panned out like that and in the end it's been shit. I can assure you though that the next one won't be allowed to wallow in its own juices like this one. I'll be more hands on and ensure things are appropriated progressed through the season.

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Well, what a wank way to end the season! You'd think 2 games every 2 weeks wasn't beyond people,  but it seems that it is!  


Also,  it's fair to say the leagues seem some what unbalanced if you look at the point differences between the top teams and the bottom... Especially in the championship and premier.

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