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Open Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

T Pot

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Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. The best in the series. Made by one man in assembly language. Impressive. The problem is due to that it's never been ported.

Well now some nice devs have started converting the game to C++. This has allowed all sorts of cool things. From proper HD support, better buttons & controls in game, built in twitch streaming and multiplayer.

Yep, multiplayer.

I was playing it last night, 10 of us on our server building a giant park together. It's really stable considering it's nowhere near finished:




That's not from my game, but there are a couple of people playing there. You can communicate with the built in chat client.


  • How do you play this? Easy. Install RCT2 (I have the GOG version).
  • Get the OpenRCT2 launcher: https://openrct2.org/downloads (Usually best to get the latest build)
  • Install and point it to your RCT2 installation.
  • Run the game from the new OpenRCT2 icon

It's that easy. I'll be on this evening if anyone fancies a game.

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ive been waiting for this for so long..., been waitng for orct2 since it was announced


also an android rct3 please since ios has it somehow


Edit: hope it becomes as great as ott. Transport tycoon was my fave sim game next to RCT... and this has multiplayer <3

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The iOS version of RCT3 was a huge disappointment for me. Properly gutted. No iCloud saves, multiple bugs and errors that were there at launch that just haven't been patched. Controls are really tricky at times. Really bad performance, even on the air 2. It's a shame.


The guys developing ORCT2 were chatting the other night. Once the C++ conversion is done there was talks of making it so it can run in a browser and on android.

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2 was definitely the best. 3 was fun and had lots of stuff to do but 2 just felt better somehow. You'd see the crazy stuff going on behind the start screen and that inspired you. So yes, I'll be having a go on this seeing as I have the GOG version. Maybe not quite up to multiplayer at the mo though..

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4 hours ago, King A said:

Worth it to support developers (is any of it even going to Chris Sawyer lol), either way you can download the game from the ORCT2 website for free regardless.


I actually prefered 3 over 2, and I'd been playing since the PC demo version of RCT1 on disc. I guess its all the water rides, animal parks, and general madness you can make. But I did get tired of it due to the sandbox mode after a while....

Gunna check this out tomorrow (: the only PC i have just now is a tablet, and im waiting for a keyboard/touchpad dock to come through. Would love to make a rllmuk park, have a feeling it'd get filled quite quickly. The perfect multiplayer game tho (:

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Figured out how to change the size of the UI so can now play it.


Annoyignly, my parks only small (as you'll see below) and despite having a good few handymen with assigned duties and areas to work, and loads of bins, my parks apparently a shit hole.


there's a lake in the middle of the area I'm working in so I'm going to gradually head to there befgore building any water rides. I'm trying to add gardens and stuff as I go too.



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Guests keep commmenting that my park is disgusting/litter everywhere/vandalism is awful. I know all these are linked (rubbish/vomit everywhere triggers disgust, which causes vandalism) I've got like 15 handymen all with small area's to clean and have watched a couple of them... one wandered off from his set area, I put him back, another one, who's around where some of my food joints are just keep walking past pools of vomit.


Any ideas on what else I can do? Any time I put in a new ride I put benches near the exits, theres like 4 sets of toilets near the park and any food establishment gets a bunch of bins and benches installed nearby.

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Bins and benches. Provide sick bays too. Security guards to help keep things like littering & vandalism to a minimum.


A lot of times you can be getting notifications of disgusting paths because of one small area that has a very high amount of foot traffic and a couple of bits of sick.

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