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A wee gaming club

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I'm thinking of starting up a wee gaming club in my town.  I reckon I'd easily get somewhere between 20-50 folks interested in coming along to play a wide range of board games.  Does anyone have any experience in running one of these and any tips/hints etc.



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No idea how helpful this is but this is how the Norwich group works....


There's has a Facebook group which houses all the key communication.

Find a large venue like a pub that has plenty of table real estate, speak to the owners and pick a dead night of the week. It'll do great business for them.


Make sure it's same time same place every week, then people feel confident turning up.


At 7:30 (kick off time), everyone gathers and shouts out what games they bought, then people shuffle into groups naturally. Anyone new might need some help, a few friends that you can team up with to make sure everyone is accommodated would be good.


Loads of big group party/social deduction games for later are great. Werewolf/spyfall etc.


This is a rambling post, sorry! What city will you be in?

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thanks!  It's not a city, but a town - but it's a good size.  It has about 5 pubs in the centre and a hotel a bit further out.  I reckon I could quite get about 20-30 regulars to it... spread over 3-4 hours.  That'll bring in a few extra pints I'd imagine.


One challenge would be getting games that can be finished in time.  So Arkham Horror and the likes are probably out...

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