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What shall I have engraved on my White XBox?


What shall I have engraved on my White XBox?  

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"Moby Dick" - think about it.

Nice work, quite like it :)

So many possibilities...

So, what does this tell you about my psychological profile then... Systemshock?

Oh, and yeah, ordered from NCSX.com -- £180 incl. delivery, DVD kit and 12 months on LIVE -- ultra bargainous cos of the dollar. Consider I've seen the Orta White Xbox, which is around in similar numbers, on sale for 800 euros (!). Though Rllmuk is right... I'll probably never sell it -- it'll be a MAME box forever at the very least (esp. if XBox 2 is unchippable or has no HD).


Even if I'm keeping it forever, I'm not sure my name/handle is the best choice... But this is a good thread so far...

And what's wrong with my GAMERTAG anyway? Huh? Huh?


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Hmm, methinks that's what Howie would have on his... :ph34r:

White power is 'good', but a bit too edgy ;)

I'm liking 'totally unrealistic' (personal catchphrase for those who don't know me, though it should really be 'completely...'), I'm also still liking 'insert coin' and 'moby dick'. And R@RE!!1! from the original poll...


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"If you read this you are gay"

However thats 22 letters, you could make the You's U instead, but that would be rubbish.

It's characters not letters

Otherwise he could write "GAMECUBE IS TEH BEST!!!11!1!111!!1!1!!!111!!111!!11!11!!"

"Not so green thumb"

"Didn't have any pink"

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