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1v1 League - S35 League Cup - SEMI-FINALS now live


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"Straight knock-out competition for all the leagues teams. No seedings, no groupings - one match of 7 minute halves. Cross your fingers for an easy tie and play."


- Like the real League Cup, you play each opponent once, the first team listed first is at home
- 7 minute halves using 'online' squads (same as in the league)
- Match arrangements are to be made in this thread only, no PMs

- If the match ends in draw, a replay should be played. If this game ends in a draw, then replay again with golden goal rule
- If a fixture is unplayed after the deadline, a bye will be awarded to the side that has tried to arrange the fixture (judged on posts in this thread - not PMs).
- The draw for the League Cup and any scores are to be reported via the website. Please go there to check who you are playing and report the result of your match there, as well as here on the forum!


Round 1 (Preliminary round) is live on the website - check there for who you are playing. N.B. Some Premiership teams (decided via random.org) have a bye to Round 2.

Deadline for Round 1 is Sunday 13th March - get a march on!

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18 hours ago, Wincho said:

Mackenie, can you play tomorrow (Sat) night?


As per PM, Sunday night is can do and IIRC you can do weekdays, of which I can do most. Best to get is Played ASAP as I might be not on much over the next week.

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sorry I was late Alison , to be fair I should have played this match this afternoon or another day. i knew I'd end up busy grr. Night games are my weakness as well.


 as a result of mitigating factors :hat: Alison won by  6  :lol:

I sort of had a go at it. Pulled off some good saves surprisingly!

 sadly I wasn't in the right mood for it tonight.

Went and gave a bloody penalty away in the first two mins as well.  ( I'm kicking myself for it. )

but hey you got a great result!. I definitely think you'd have won anyway, as you're a good player!

( no question )


again sorry i missd 9pm. I was helping a workmate out on the phone and forgot!

if id have applied myself properly in the match we'd be looking at 4-1 to Leicester I reckon,

 so all in all business is done!



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