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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - I mean... NeoGaf has a thread as well.


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Please, Hyrule Warriors would've been at least somewhat decent if it also had:


Clothing Destruction: Though the girls are masters at dealing out pain, they will inevitably take damage now and again. Each hit the girls take reduces both their health gauge and their costume's durability. Their outfits slowly tear off bit by bit until all durability is lost and they're left in nothing but their lingerie! To add insult to injury, the fewer clothes they have the more damage they take.


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Every sodding game in that franchise is about losing clothes, even that one rhythm game about cooking. Win three rounds and your opponent is practically naked and as a bonus you get to see her in some "erotic" pose covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and you are freely move the camera around and zoom in and out.


Game in question is Senran Kagura Bon Apetite for the Vita. Ton of DLC for it, and I bought it all.

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