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Your most dissapointing game


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Oddworld New N Tasty. I started this, last week but it didn't last long. I think nostalgia got the best of me but I just found myself being really bored by it. I'm glad I got it on Ps+ anyway cause I'd have been annoyed if I'd have paid full price.

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Escape Dead Island.


Dead Island & Riptide were two of my favourite games on the PS3, so I was looking forward to this. Surely a third person DI game couldn't be THAT bad? Well, how wrong I was. Not only was it boring as hell, it would have been a cakewalk but for the horrendous controls. Basically it was just a case of go there, then there, then there. Completely linear. No exploration to speak of unless you wanted to go through the route of a dull collectathon. Plus it only took me about 7 hours to complete it.


The last section was also ridiculously difficult due to bad level design and the previously mentioned abysmal controls. I'm so close to getting the platinum trophy, but not completely sure I can put myself through it again.


Definitely one of the biggest let downs for me.

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On 29/03/2016 at 10:21 AM, barkbat said:

Halo 2. I queued up all night, I started the first level, this garish white uniformed character jerkily walked around, then I turned 180 degrees and watched as the game laid high detail textures over the wall I was looking at. I genuinely thought at that point that my copy was bugged. How could the geniuses that got the polished masterpiece Halo 1 ready for the xbox launch only manage this after two years?


I could go on, but basically, playing through that game was the most depressing retrograde act of humanity I have ever witnessed. All the genius of the chess like gun play system, all the amazing level design full of lonely space and discovery, all the mystery of a simple story not overtold, gone, like teardrops in the rain, and as it turned out, gone forever.

Any time I have ever gone to a midnight launch I have deeply regretted it. It just sets you up for disappointment.


GTA4 was the first time I ever done it. Was about half four in the morning by the time I got home cold wet and miserable. Loaded it up. The controls were vaguely annoying turned it off and went to bed feeling like a prick.


Swore off midnight launches for life.


Few years later I lived about two minutes walk away from a smaller GAME that was in a shopping center. Decided to go to go to get Battlefield 3 at midnight since it seemed like it wouldn't take so long. Everything went perfectly, only had to queue for about five minutes, was back in the house with the kettle on by quarter past twelve. Installed it, right into multiplayer. Servers getting hammered. Couldn't get a game. Sat trying and trying eventually about two AM got into a game. Squad full of spawn camping twat snipers. Turned it off and went to bed feeling like a prick.



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