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Is there an end?


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I'm sure that I've read in Edge that there is a 40 year lifespan to the game, this is probably arbitrary but has anyone moved forward their clock well into the future and checked this out? Maybe the whole town's ablaze, Nook having invested in terrorism after the fall of capitalism.

I sold my game rather foolishly a couple of months back so can't check it out for myself.

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Yeah, in the year 2039, tom nook creates and sells an atom bomb to olivia (who has moved back to town - to avenge the death of goldie at Dotties hands) launches the luke over the river to dotties house and obliterates everything.

Its all in the instruction manual...

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The monkey at the train station, having been shunned by the villagers for forty years for his perculiar looks and even more peculiar smell, suddenly decides they must pay. One late night in his grubby council flat, Peckham, he stumbles upon a build-your-own mega virus website. After a week of tentatively concocting the virus, his nerves growing less stable with every passing day, he fills a single phial half full. The next day, he gets off the train in his station uniform as ever, unable to curb a terrible grin spread across his face like chocolate cake. He runs like lightning scared in the the direction of the police building. Inside, he massacres the fat bullog thing and triumphantly smashes the phial on the unforgiving slate floor. The virus spreads quicker than herpes through a university campus, and before long, every living creature within a 30mile radius is fighting a losing battle to survive. The disease it inflicts attacks the cells themselves, degrading the body with every passing second, inflicting pain on levels unimaginable by even the Looney Tunes writers.


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