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Funny how during the Kid A and Amnesiac days they were very anti-marketing to the point there was no branding at their shows (back when everyone had read No Logo), and here they are partnering with Epic of all people. What next Thom Yorke in Fortnite? 

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Well, I vividly remember those blips appearing out of nowhere on MTV in the run-up to Kid A. As I just became a huge fan of the band, those short abstract clips were immensely intriguing. The absolute silence and mystery about what the band was up to in those years between OK Computer and Kid A is something you never would see these days. 

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We have an impostor!! :angry::angry:


..oh noah yorke?! son of thom ok then...not that I spend any time thinking of the ages of thom's children but I assumed whenever he's mentioned them they're teenagers. 




he can speak too! 



Posting about the track’s reception on his Instagram, the 20-year-old thanked those who’d listened to it in the first couple of days and addressed the inevitable links to his father. “It’s now at 10,000 plays which is nuts to me,” he wrote. “I know the reasons for this aren’t always much to do with me, but it means the world to me that anyone gives a fuck or connects with it in any way. It’s scary to try and establish one’s identity and people caring about a song that is so important to me gives me a tiny bit of confidence that I’m not just an #offshoot.”


The track was praised by Noah’s godfather and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, who wrote: “Cor, what a glorious piece of music – today was the first time I heard it, and I’m so impressed. Nice work, Noah”. 


Hayley Williams of Paramore also expressed her approval: “This song is so good simply because it rules and you have a gift. Psyched for more”.


He really does sound like Thom at 1:30 and especially 1:58. 

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