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Gaming mondegreens/eggcorns (misheard audio)

Alex W.

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1 hour ago, deerokus said:

Tekken 7's version of Geese Howard calls out his moves like a capcom or Snk game, which isn't really common in Tekken. So we have: "Taaaake It!" and "Shit Poo Game!" 


At least I assume those are misheard. 


In Fatal Fury, one of his moves seems to be him saying "Geese Building!". Like he has dementia or something.

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Persona songs often have that problem, you can tell the singer is just doing it phonetically with no ear for English pronunciation, while at the same time the lyrics have a lot of weird and awkward phrasing to fit the rhythm. Makes it very easy to mishear. That said, I have never heard that line sound like that in that song. 


(That game can't even pronounce the name Ann). 

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On 09/05/2016 at 15:31, stefcha said:

That announcer on F Zero GX definitely calling you a retard when you fall off the edge of Serial Gaps for the billionth time, despite it innocently flashing up "retired" on the screen.

Definitely intentional.

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