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Add or remove one letter to the title of a game. What is it now about?

T Pot

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FPOF (First Person Oat Feeder) - You're a mercenary hell bent on getting the youth of today to eat a filling healthy breakfast every morning. You must fight your way through suburbia, into homes & provide a healthy breakfast to everyone.


Includes mini games such as Front garden dog dodge dash & Porridge Fever Home Invasion.

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Rocky Band


Failing to reach the heights of his heyday in the ring, Rocky Balboa decides on a new career: in a pop band! 

Travel from country to country and recruit all your old nemesis to help you. With Ivan Drago on the drums, Apollo Creed on guitar, Clubber Lang on bass and Adrian on vocals, can you reach the top of the billboard charts?

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cheating a bit, but I removed the un and added an er -


chartered: drakes fortune --

You play as Drake, a billionaire playboy who charters jet's to take his friends around the world on glamourous holidays, you have to work out who's just along for the ride and who really has his back as he encounters pick pockets, drunks and crooked lookylooky men in Moroccan marketplaces out to grab a piece of his fortune.

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Lunar Slander - Choose from a selection of terrible actions of which you can accuse family and friends, then use the stylus to write them across the surface of the moon.
President Evil - Infiltrate a creepy old house and kill Donald Trump.

Sonice the Hedgehog - What a lovely chap.

Kind Chameleon - See above.

Pope 'n Music - Try to hit the notes religiously.

Commando & Conquer - Defeat the opposing forces with no pants on.
Parappa the Brapper - Gun salute in time to your favourite hip hop tracks.

Crygar - evri tim :(

Frock 'n Roll Racing - pick a dress, pick a filling and get moving.

Super Toff-Road - Choose a top hat, jump in the Bentley and try not to mark those gold-lined streets.  What what.

Tory Story - Who will win the cunt cup?

Final Slap - Camp Final Fight spin-off

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Def Jam Ico

Yorda thought she was out of the game until she heard that the Queen's on the streets again. It'll take a small boy with horns to sign up the hottest acts and fight off those shadows...

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