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Add or remove one letter to the title of a game. What is it now about?

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PG Tour 2K21


A real mild road trip entirely driven at a sensible speed and with 8pm curfews. There’s one risqué section when a character reads the lingerie section of an Argos catalogue he finds in a bin. A character says ‘crap’ and so do most reviewers.

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Read to Rumble


Consume literature as fast as you can in this novel beat em up. Rise through the ranks as you start on fan fiction, Twilight and Dan Brown! Can you reach the heady heights of James Joyce and Tolstoy in your pursuit of the Pugilitzer Prize!?

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Alien Insolation


Fox’s monomaniacal exploitation of the franchise reaches its nadir as you role play a group of Weyland Yutani stellar cartographers who don’t even actually run in to a spooky space guy.

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Tying of the Dead


PG-rated adventure where your foes are bound in rope instead of shot


Hose of the Dead


...or they're blasted with water, I guess


Zero Win


Insanely hard Toaplan shooter

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Double Drago


First-person Apollo Creed sim.


Among U


Prepare a spaceship for take-off while trying to work out which of your party is Prince.


Price of Persia


Oligarch racketeering sim.


Buble Bobble


Lightgun stop him singing action. Explosive bobble lootboxes.


Dale Thompson's Decathlon


Emotional interactive experience focusing on one man's pursuit of an unlikely dream, after the tragic loss of his family. Produced by Annapurna.

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Roguelike where you escape the Underworld and find somewhere that sells some nice Ray-Bans


Morose Life


Moody and downbeat Llamasoft shooter




Investigate a medieval city and feed small creatures to the people living there.

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Isco Elysium


Real Madrid benchwarmer takes time away from football, gets drunk, and investigates local mystery.


Spiderman: Miles Morals


Next-gen borefest as good guy spends time explaining why he feels it wrong to attack.




8-bit aesthetic stock market crash sim.

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Brothers in Farms: Road to Hill 30


Multiplayer racing game in which players control members of a family of farmers, each riding a horse and cart. Which rival sibling will be first to reach the market at the top of Hill 30?



Golden Axed


Cancelled fantasy side-scrolling beat 'em up in which... wait, what's that you say? This one's real

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Super Smash Biros


Arena brawler featuring the popular disposable pens...


Ken: Bridge of Spirits


Next-gen 3D adventure starring your favourite Street Fighter character / Popmaster host / former Chancellor of the Exchequer / etc...

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Silent Bill


A game about an old mute guy going around being creepy to people in shopping centres. (Based on a true story)


Devil May Ry


I go around shooting and slashing all the demons and scum around my area. Very lengthy game. 


Gravity Bush


3rd person action adventure game about an unfortunate lady in the 70s and her cursed fanny. 








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