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4 minutes ago, Moz said:


My favourite bit of last of us was when Joel pressed L3 and R3 to invoke his BEREAVED DAD POWER and then threw his magic runic axe at the 20 foot horned monster 




Yeah, I don't see the reason for the OMG EVERYTHING IS THE LAST OF US reaction either. That GoW clip and TLoU only look similar on the most superficial level of superficiality.

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3 minutes ago, Comrade said:

I swear, does the PS4 have a secret GPU they never told anyone about because these games look crazy.


And people said we wouldn't see much in the way of improvements, as we did with previous generations, as it was all kinda "known" from the start. I think we're starting to see engines properly optimized for them now, and earlier sentiments were not true in the slightest.

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So Smitty was shouting at people for judging a game by it's visuals ("it looks good!") and then agreed with the "it looks too much like TLOU!" comment from Spainkiller, totally ignoring the gameplay. 

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