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4 minutes ago, macosx said:


I dunno, I can't really see the point in it, bar a stylistic one.  Games are fractured experiences; you die,  you switch the console off, not like a film which is a seamless watch.


I can't really see the point in films either, to be honest. It's generally done as a stunt, or as a kind of willy-waving exercise by directors competing as to who can have the longest single take.


Also, games are generally done as very long 'shots' anyway - if you play Halo for an hour, then you'll mostly be looking at one unbroken shot. It's normal for a game not to cut away every few seconds.

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7 hours ago, Comrade said:

3) In the Sony conference footage we saw that Kratos has a magical axe that he can throw and then call back, just like Thor's hammer. You can throw the axe at any point in the game, including the very start, and then summon it even at the very end of the game, and it will come.


That's a really odd point to make.  Technically it's nothing impressive.  You'll just see an axe suddenly come flying off-screen into your hand. What would be ace would be getting the camera to follow it from where you left it as it winged itself to you.  Well, it would be ace the one time.  

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