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Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott


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19 minutes ago, Meh said:

It's just so full of shit you can pick at.



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1) Why did David bother with a plaque for Elizabeth? He clearly feels absolutely nothing whatsoever for humanity.

2) The likelihood of anyone ever stumbling across them was remote as fuck.

3) How did he create mini frozen facehuggers? Why bother?

4) It was ridiculous that they were shaped perfectly for the ship's embryo fridge, too.

5) If he wanted to get off-world with eggs, he could have surely found another ship on the planet, went to Earth, and had a fucking great time watching everyone get eaten.




1) I think you have to take it from his performance and dialogue that when he says he loved her, he means it. He was just a fucking crazy bastard also.

2) He's an android who lives forever, it seemed to me like he was happy to send the signal and wait it out

3) Weren't they just baby versions of the ones he'd made in his labs? He had all sorts of mad scientist shit lying around

4) They were just shelves, you could've put a Chicago Town mini pizza in each of those compartments with room to spare.

5) Yeah I don't know why there aren't any other ships, or why their own ship crash landed after it Pomeii-ed the shit out of that one place.


I don't think any of that stuff matters in the moment. It's not like Prometheus where it's constantly asking you to question everything.


Edit - This isn't a hill I'm looking to die on or anything, they're just not really unreasonable plot problems.

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Thought this was pretty crap, basically just a re-run of Prometheus but with less interesting philosophical stuff to ponder (because they'd played out the whole creator/creation thing already). Didn't have any great new action set pieces or horror moments to make up for the fact it was just more of the same. I was pretty surprised it ended when it did because the climax was so unspectacular and routine

Lone woman facing off against lone xenomorph in empty spaceship



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3 hours ago, Alex W. said:


I think Chappie has more to do with that.


2 hours ago, Tofu said:

All the characters in the movie are fucking morons.


Surely they should be a crack crew on the early (first?) colony mission that far out 

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5 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

Yeah but they killed off the competent characters first. I mean we're talking at least Event Horizon level screenwriting here. 


God my standards have fallen lately. 



Don't you go be dissing Event Horizon...I love that film.


The words 'DO YOU SEEEEEEE?' have been etched in my mind for years, and crop up every now and then to confuse people.

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1 minute ago, Alex W. said:

Yeah, I take that back. EH is pretty much spotless on a script level. 


In all seriousness, the film gets a huge amount of flack, but some of the design work in it is actually really fucking great! I also love the idea of what is basically a ghost story in space.


Of course, all the dialogue I love is hugely silly, but everyone in it seemed to be having a rare old time.

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Watched Event Horizon with my 16 year old nephew last month and the boy who would usually need to be surgically removed from his phone didn't take his eyes off it.  I wasn't much older when I saw EH and I absolutely loved it too.  It's both simultaneously a piece of trash and some pure, undiluted popcorn entertainment.  I love it.


Oh my god that's the funky shit!

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I always enjoyed Event Horizon. It's no masterpiece, but it sticks to it's premise and rides it all the way. Sort of a Lovecraft insanity story mixed with Alien. It's a cleverly designed set film that basically says "why not have a haunted house movie in space"?.

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Because he gets paid enormous sums of money to spend months playing elaborate Resi fan fiction cosplay games with his wife? You can argue with the quality of the movies but I think we'd all make the same choice in that situation.

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26 minutes ago, The Liberal Elite said:

Event horizon was great! Why did Anderson just give up on life and end up making a procession of shitty resident evil movies? 

Well he also made Alien vs Predator if he's your bag.

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After seeing it again late last night, I can confirm Event Horizon holds up really bloody well. Some of the CGI is a bit dodgy these days, but overall it's great :)


Everyone puts on huge ham suits, and it's clear they all had great fun making the thing.


It's great, not pretentious in the least, and just works really rather well.



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15 hours ago, The Liberal Elite said:

Event horizon was great! Why did Anderson just give up on life and end up making a procession of shitty resident evil movies? 


In retrospect I think the cast saved Event Horizon and made it decent not Anderson. He went on to make some of worst films I've ever seen after that. 


Watched this last night btw.




Gigers vision for alien and the world around it. Why the fuck didn't they just go back to this for the prequels? even the unused concept art is way cooler ideas than what the prequels ended up being. 

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In retrospect, the Alien series is another one of those 'be careful what you wish for' things.


The overriding thoughts I always had when first watching the original was that I found the derelict and the space jockey by far the best things in the film and woudn't it be great to find out more about it.


Which is precisely the wrong thing to want, as that layer of mystery is all you need to have a piece of fiction that feels larger than the snapshot you're looking at. 


Same thing happened with Aliens and the director's cut...I never enjoyed that cut, because the extra bits added never really gave me much I didn't know already. 


I always like seeing the technique Scott uses in his films because whatever else he does he really can make a turd incredibly shiny. The idea of discovering ruined stuff and dead civilisations on far off worlds is one of my fave things, and there's a lot in that film I think works in that respect. To then bind yourself into tying it all up with the Alien stuff seems counter productive really.


I dunno, it very much feels like we got very lucky with Alien and the only reason Aliens works is because Cameron is a fucking genius :P 



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