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BBC Euro 2016 predictions competition


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@meatbin @redbloodcel @TheOutsider @joeplus @emjay2kay @milko @Jolly @Gizamaluke @Coltrane @tbb @Rev @Xevious @Pants McSkill @Commander Jameson @wev it's prediction time people.

good work wev, I've done badly in the second round and awfully in the quarters, null points. Here's to a final push. Good luck everyone


hmm why didn't my @'s work?

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Wales is tricky. With Ramsey playing as he has I'd be confident, but without him I think there's a big risk of Bale getting isolated. I've gone for them winning, mind.


I've gone for Germany in the other game. They're probably not better, but I fancy them to be more professional about it.

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