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Steep (Ubisoft openworld, snow, ski & wingsuit)


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The trick system is really annoying me. It's just so frustrating at times. I think when you jump if you're still pushing on the left stick you can't trick at all. You just won't turn. Which makes the entire system really bad. It feels so unnatural letting go of the left stick before you jump.


Also it keeps flagging events as new that I've done before. Making finding events to progress very hit an miss.

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I like skiing in real life so took a punt on this and I have to say that i'm really enjoying it. It reminds me more of Skate than SSX in that the tricks are based on real physics and they take practice to pull off well. There are loads of events to find and take part in, and the challenge is quite high to get golds. Oh and i LOVE the GoPro view! First person skiing all the way down a mountain is just soo  fast. Here's short time trial race I was doing:



But aside from them you just have this vast mountain range to just mess about in and, like Skate, find lines/routes. The speed you can restart or plonk yourself back anywhere along your route, as well as watch replays from there, is fantasticly seamless. In the replays you can slow down time, move the camera and change views at any time, as well as rewind so you can create you're own little movies of lines:



I've tried a bit of GoPro view wing-suit flying as well. This is an easy course, the hard ones like the one Flub posted earlier are going to take time me to master (the other flyer is my ghost showing my previous best time).




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Had this in my hands today but @ £45 it seemed too risky, based largely on me knowing next to nothing about it and this forum's jaded attitude towards it. Having read the EG and watched that IGN review I'm probably going to end up withit over the weekend. It looks like a great environment with unsurpassed freedom and unlimited gameplay possibilities in the same vein as Skate. 


The lack of hype around it is either a result of the too many games situation/mental season or down to it not being marketed well by the publisher. That appears to be an unfortunate situation as it seems to be doing a lot right. 


Maybe games just don't stand a chance these days unless they are hyped on youtube by shills then forgotten a week after release, but that's another conversation. So Steep looks like a game that's Steep but deep. In the same manner that Skate's control system was insanely complex but just as satisfying to master. I'm talking myself into it.


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