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Death Stranding - Kojima at it again


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Oh no, seemingly it has become clear that this isn't actually a game or even a proof of concept. Just a test or something :(





Kojima said this week's Death Stranding teaser was shown in part to convey a theme — "I'll keep coming" — and to showcase the type of technology he wants to use.

"We finally have enough manpower enough to put out this teaser and do these experiments, these tests I want to do," he said. However, Kojima wouldn't say what game engine his team has settled on. After a worldwide tour of video game studios, and with the help of technical adviser Mark Cerny, Kojima said they'd settled on two possible game engines, one of which was used to develop Death Stranding's teaser.


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Q: What's the meaning behind the title?


Kojima: The phenomenon that groups of Whales/Dolphins being beached is called mass stranding. 'Live Stranding' if they are beached alive, 'Death Stranding' when they are dead. In this title's case, it means something has been stranded from some world.

However, 'strand' has other meaning, it's 'thread' in psychological terminology. The process of adapting one's characteristics is represented as the process of twisting thinner thread becoming thicker rope.

It can also mean chain or bonds. The title of this game has those 2 meanings, stranded and rope.



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3 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

Maybe he was a prisoner. Or a guy who took some dangerous post-human monster prisoner and was trying to take it in.


But he was pregnant with his own clone at the time.


This sounds a little too mundane to be a Kojima plot.

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