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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver...


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Reboots are the new sequels.

Ah, I don't think the original has aged as obviously as Tomb Raider. It did a better job of disguising its blocky geometry with cool morphing effects and smoother controls.

Some day though! (like I've not said that a million times before!)

O HAI THERE, eight-years-ago-me. Still didn't get around to playing any more of this, then? Good show!

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This is epic news. I hope they do it justice and maybe elaborate on the story.

Man, I really loved this game, didn't I?

Reading back, did I give this game to you? Or sell it to you?


That's properly crazy.

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So it seems Crystal Dynamics are rebooting this after they finish the next Tomb Raider, I don't know if I'm happy or annoyed, I'm happy to get another LOK game but sad that they haven't decided to carry on the story past Defiance.


Defiance closed off the story quite well tho, so im kinda glad theyre not gonna piss all over its ending by tacking on a new arc that would in all likelihood be a disappointment coming off the back of the amazing (if convoluted) story of LOK.

I played these games to death when they came out. I started with Blood Omen on PS1, fully expected it to be some crap zelda rip off but was blown away by the story and voice acting. Picked up Soul Reaver day one, played it over and over. Ditto SR2, even if it wasnt as good, but its story was awesome. Blood Omen 2 was gash, and DEfiance was DMC-lite but at least kept the quality up with its narrative and rounded off the series story nicely.

Im apprehensive about a reboot, it'd be impenetrable storywise for newbies, so hopefully the might do a combined BO/SR reboot...give us an opening sequence as Human Kain before he gets murdered...and take it from there.

"Tavern's closing stranger....best be on your way" :wub:

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A direct sequel to Soul Reaver--Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2--shipped in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and PC. Additional titles Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain and Legacy of Kain: Defiance followed, shipping in 2002 and 2003, respectively.

wait, what!?!

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Blood Omen is on the US PlayStation Store. I keep seeing it and thinking "ooh, I could play that on my PSP" and then forgetting to do anything about it.

I imagine Soul Reaver would play well enough on PSP too. (Not sure if that one's on the store.)

Perhaps I should give it another go, finally. My patience for big sprawling games and/or RPGs is significantly increased when playing on a handheld.

How was Flipnic?

Overrated, but ok, as I recall! :lol:

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It finished with Kains eyes being opened to the big bad pulling all the strings but nothing was resolved, the Hylden, what became of the future and how things shaped up. It ended with Kain realising he could now set this right because his eyes were opened. 

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On 21/03/2012 at 11:01, wretcherd said:

That first post made for an entertaining and nostalgic read. I remember loving this game at the time.

And talking about the time travel paradox stuff, i remember that blowing my teenage mind.


I enjoyed your post, reflecting on the original post, reflecting on the original game. 


Hopefully in 5 years someone will rediscover this thread and the Russian doll of appreciation will continue to grow. 

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The recent Shadow of Mordor game would have been much better suited to the Legacy of Kain universe. All of the game mechanics like possession and life drawing for a start. Much more so than Lord of the Rings anyway.

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Fantastic game. I have very fond memories of playing the Dreamcast version. It was just so immersive, the world building was amazing for the time. And the music and voice acting were of a level not often seen back then (and still not if I'm honest). 

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