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Football Thread 2016/17


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5 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

I remember reading a WSC article ages ago on that, part of the 'as good as it got'* series:




*Just goes to show, you never know! 


That article makes me as angry again as I was that night. Single worst refereeing display I've ever seen. If he wasn't taking a bung he was the most incompetent idiot I've ever seen on a football pitch.


Apart from Junior Lewis.

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We're playing balls to Vardy as if he's a target man. Livermore has looked very limited in possession. Having said that we probably should've scored on two occasions.


Shape looks good. I think it needs a centre forward better at playing with their back to goal, and players at the rear who can zip the ball about a bit quicker; Stones could be a good option there (Luiz at Chelsea shows a back three with decent protection is a good system for defenders that can't really defend), and Ward-Prowse would offer more invention than this Livermore - Dier axis. Seems to get the best out of Lallana and Alli though, and think it would suit many of our other attackers (Barkley, Sterling and Lingard particularly) would enjoy it too. We have great depth for the wingback roles too so I'd suggest it's quite a good fit for the players Southgate has available to him.

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England look... quite good actually.  Another one for the "decent when it doesn't matter" pile, but the three at the back is decent, as you say the wingbacks have looked good.  Encouraging, but you know it will all go wrong somewhere down the line.


Probably when Southgate is forced to put Rooney back in or something.

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