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Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)


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10 hours ago, Andy_Why said:

Probably one of my favourite Marvel heroes. Really looking forward to seeing what they do with him. I hope they keep all of the crazy mystical elements, especially the other Immortal Weapons.

Smash the Brubaker run into an origin story, done. Keep the look, trim the fat a little, maybe ditch the older Iron Fist plot, but keep the fundamentals and you'd have a brilliant series on paper and one very different from what we've seen before.


It's been confirmed this afternoon that it seems like Danny Rand will take on a number of villains in the show. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing. But different to Daredevil for instance.

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Still very interested in this but the lack of Luke Cage grabbing me as yet (7 episodes in), and the slight wobble of Daredevil series 2, has me tempering the hype. Iron Fist could easily be exceptionally crap if everything isn't on point. Just the nature of the character and his origin/back story, is asking for a horror show if the writing isn't bang on, and then the character himself has to be believable as more or less the greatest martial artist imaginable. I wouldn't begrudge anyone working on the fight choreography...


But get it right, and it could be absolutely awesome. Fingers crossed, I really like the character and an desperate for this to be a success.

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Gone for the Kaare Andrews take on the look of his power, which is a fairly cool look. Not sure I quite get the feeling from that that he is an absolutely incredible martial artist, also hope they can think of more impressive use cases for the Iron Fist power than blowing a door off. But then it is only a teaser.

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Possible spoilers for the series



The trailers have a brief shot that appears to be another Immortal Weapon. Ah episode title might also support that.Too much to ask for the Steel Serpent?

This has been the one of the Netflix shows I've been looking forward to the most. That's been tempered by them more or less confirming they're going to stray from the source material a bit, but I'm still more hyped for this tab any of the shows to date.


...He better wear the bloody outfit. The Aja style one.

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They still don't quite know how to 'sell' a punch somehow. It's been a problem across the Daredevil series to one degree or another, but this clip is totally neutered by it. It might be a cool fight scene but you're blinded by just how badly and obviously the punches are pulled.


Hopefully the other scenes manage to drag it back, because Iron Fist has to have Danny believable as a supreme martial artist, before you ever consider his powers.

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