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4 hours ago, Mogster said:

That is what Star Trek's always done, right back to TOS which had episodes addressing the Cold War and racism for instance. Star Trek's hardly alone in using sci-fi concepts to address present day issues either.


The more I think about this particular episode the less of an issue I have with it. My main issue was simply that it was a shame to see Adira not being comfortable coming out as non-binary on a Federation ship, as it's the sort of thing Star Trek has always presented as being a non-issue by the time the show is set. However, Adira is not from the Federation, they're from a regressive isolationist Earth that left it long ago. They didn't feel like they could tell anyone about it until they were on a Federation ship who would accept them.


Yeah it did make sense to be a bit hesitant about being open with your identity if future Earth was full of xenophobes and racists.


So like present day Earth then.

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Re: The 'they/them' pronoun discussion - I don't believe Discovery was trying to shoe-horn a very contemporary situation into something far in the future in a very literal sense (because, of course, in the future identity will just be a non-issue).


I took it to mean Adira wanted the pro-noun of 'they' because of being the sum total of multiple people. So credit for engineering/music skills etc. was being attributed to multiple people - not just Adira.


Of course, it was a nod the situation 'now' - but it wasn't a blatant "I'm uncomfortable bringing up my gender identity, but here it is".



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10 minutes ago, Scribblor said:

No, it was specifically called out that this was a pre-symbiont thing. Can't remember the exact wording, but Adira said the only person who knew was Grey (Gray?), and that they'd never told anyone else before they told Stamets.

Probs need to rewatch. Maybe I gave them too much credit. If that's the case then I agree it was a strange conversation. Given the vast differences in time between now and a thousand years in the future, it would be like watching a contemporary drama where a character struggles to admit they believe in a helo-centric view of life as apposed to the churches view that everything revolves around the earth.

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So imagine for a moment, it's the 1950s. Hitler is found to not only be alive, but has been serving for a number of years on a destroyer in the German navy. Not incognito either. Like, everyone knows who he is, but for some reason has a low level job there anyway and they just never bring up his past. Then let's say he gets an obscure life threatening disease...


I mean, you could go to loads of effort to research a cure... Or, on the other hand...


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