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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017


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2 hours ago, Gotters said:


Played the FIFA demo last night and felt quite floaty after playing this, so stumped up for the digital version on PS4 


Floaty is exactly how i described the FIFA demo as well, theres no sense of weight or impact to the animations. There is also some shocking goalkeeper AI in the demo.  


I'll be going for PES this year i think. Is the option file easy to install on the PS4? Do you just copy it across and it updates everything or do you still have to go into the editor team by team and update them? 

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Update is due at 8 am (UTC, that would make it 9 am BST for those of us in UK):




In related news I've not received anything from PES Universe yet. Their Twitter says that the emails are going out and posts on Reddit suggest that some people have received them. I'm not showing as a silver member on the site yet (which is really slow this morning, presumably being hammered?) so I've dropped them an email. Hopefully it will get sorted during today and I will come home to an update from Konami and the option file ready to go.


Oh, it seems that the PES Universe current option file doesn't include Bundesliga as they were told that the LiveUpdate would mess it up, so that's coming later.

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Played a few games in myClub last night and it is a joy! :) I don't get why people think it is so impenetrable. What's difficult to understand? The player signing system? The training? I don't even know what else would be hard to understand.


Anyway, the actual gameplay is fantastic. I played 1 match Man Utd v Arsenal, on Superstar, and got beat 1-0 after Bellerin broke down the wing, played a 1-2, cut back on to his left and curled it around 1 of my defenders and De Gea into the far bottom corner. It was actually quite impressive! But I never felt hard done by and the game had a great ebb and flow.


Then I moved to myClub where I played 5 matches, won 2, drew 1 and lost 2. Each game, was great, even when I got trounced 3-0. That one was a tight game, then in the 60th minute they scored, so I piled everyone forward in the last 15 and got caught on the break twice. Completely understandable and believable. Scored a lot of headers with Ibrahimovic on loan though. Guy is a beast! Got a hat trick with him in my first match, 2 headers, which I drew 3-3.


They have added a function now to see how the other guy plays, I apparently play a slight possession game, with a mixture of long/short passing and a lot of frontline pressure. My favourite moves are 1-2, feint and switching play. There is a lot more info behind it as well, telling you how you score your goals (set-piece, passing, dribbling, etc) and other things. It's a pretty good thing to see.


Certainly enjoying it, can't wait to get back in at it tonight!

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So happy the data update is comprehensive, Norwich have the Murphy twins and everyone :) my little midnight outburst was just because of flashbacks from last year, great that they've learned their lessons.


So many little features I love:

- fixing the position on a set piece so you can play tricks on your opponent

- it tracks all your exhibition matches and head to head stats, if you play a lot locally this is brilliant.

- the tactical choices are really accessible and well presented, and they have obvious immediate effects in game.


Free data pack from here does all prem, Spain, Italy and even creates the bundesliga: http://www.pesgaming.com/showthread.php?t=100497

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