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2 hours ago, MK-1601 said:

It still boggles my mind that Dave got sold this as a 'format' with the stipulation that the creators had to be involved on camera. They could have just made any light entertainment show about games, called it anything, hired interesting hosts.


Why shouldn't the creators be onscreen?

I liked the banter between Steve and Sam.


Yes, it wasn't the perfect gaming show but at least it was there. Disappointed that Dave cancelled it (particularly when it was one of the shows that Dave highlighted in its recent feud with Virgin Media).

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It wasn't great or anything but i kinda liked it.


However, i just didn't like how the show looked down on gamers. The special guests, 90% of the time where not gamers and this is where things faltered. I don't think they were ever aiming the show at gamers, just a panel format which didn't really work.

Also, you would think someone behind the scene would make sure the games they were playing were good for a competition style game. A lot of games they had to make up the rules on the go .. just cringe at times.


I would love a return of the games master format (even with older players) but it's never going to happen.

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40 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

But isn't that then just Esport, and 5 minutes of that pretty much confirms any prejudice you have about people playing games whilst you watch.   


I don't have an issue with having team captains that are actually somewhat decent at games. But the second person really needs to be either a celeb that plays games or a youtuber etc.


OR have perhaps one or two groups of "gamers" of say 5, that can choose to play the game in question based on their skills for that type of game.


Obviously this is moving away from the panel style format though.


I think the issue is (and why some of my non gamer friends stopped watching it) is the choice of games. The show is called 8bit. They expected 80s/90s videogames and not mobile games or newer games they have no interest in. 


You never gonna please everyone (even i got bored with games master when they did football games) but at least try and aim the show at the demographic you are aiming for.

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It's a shame but not unexpected. As the above poster said the style and humour was all wrong. Games Master started out like this but Dom over the course of the series started putting his humour front and centre and it made the dull challenges fun to watch. The snide comments, the wacky humour and getting celebs to ride horses was all part of the fun. Here it was a bunch of people who never played games, despite going 'I'm amazing at Tomb Raider' then somehow not knowing the controls. It'd be like watching a football match with a bunch of players who don't know how to play football.


It's a shame as it could have been informative and fun but instead came across as gimmicky with humour that fell completely flat. I thought Dara would be great, but he often had little to say in the commentary. I also wonder if they had to get clearence to show the games as all the brilliant party games were often missing.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Did anyone, at any time, show even the tiniest modicum of gameplay experience on this show, like ever, even for just a moment?  


Every episode seemed to follow the format of the guests being asked what game they chose for their challenge, with the guest explaining how much they loved the game, then they'd play it and just look like they had never held a controller before.  You know when you try and explain games to your parents and you say "just give it a go, it's fun, honest" and you stick some Lego game or something on that's dead easy to just pick up and play, and you realise how impenetrable games are for people who have never done it before. They run straight off the first platform, fall off the edge, respawn, repeat.  It says press R2 to open the door and they have no idea what that means, let alone understanding that R2 is a button and it's the shoulder button on the right.  Every Episode of Go 8 Bit seemed to be people pretending to love games, but not having the first clue about them, making me wonder why on earth they ever agreed to appear.   

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On 15 June 2017 at 11:19, grindmouse said:

Caught a few episodes and it's pleasant but the same problems apply, plus some new ones.


To reiterate, there's no need to explain to us what the history of the game is every time unless it's particularly obscure.


The two main guys don't have any on-screen charisma and the editing of the challenges makes it difficult to follow them. The Gamesmaster approach would be better - let the celebs train behind the scenes so they know what they're doing and then show their full playthroughs unedited.


Also jokes and humour that don't revolve around gaming would be a plus.  


We need Gamesmaster back.

Couldn't agree more with this. God, what an awful show

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On 2 October 2018 at 17:02, grindmouse said:


Whelp, goodbye.


The format didn’t work, the jokes were all painfully twisted around gaming, learning nothing from Gamesmaster. Ellie twatface was neither funny nor an expert, the guests were often sneery and the hosts from the stage show had no screen charisma whatsoever, particular the “good” one who embodied the stereotype of the dweeby gamer. He was always going to win when the opponent hadn’t a clue - but then the gaming sections were so badly edited anyway, impossible to follow let alone convey any competitive tension. I’m sure all lovely people but the humour needed to be non-game-based, the guests should have been actual gamers who knew how to play the games. And the comedians should have been making jokes that weren’t “I never played this, I had sex.” In 2018. It was the combination of the wrong people and the wrong tone. Like... why are you explaining all these old games, the audience either knows already or doesn’t care and wants to be entertained. Eh.

Yep, agree with all this, particularly Ellie twatface and the terrible jokes

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12 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

Tried listening to this while working today and my word it might be the worst episode ever. I thought Go 8-Bit was utter shite and this did nothing to convince me otherwise. Really, really dull. 


Agreed. Awful guest. 

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15 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

Tried listening to this while working today and my word it might be the worst episode ever. I thought Go 8-Bit was utter shite and this did nothing to convince me otherwise. Really, really dull. 


He's just not that funny or interesting.

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