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Diabotical - Now on Kickstarter. Set DPI's to Frag. Eggbots.

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By The GD Studio


Kickstarter | Official SiteDiscord | Reddit

Release Date: June 2017




A fast-paced multiplayer Arena FPS set in a colourful robot universe developed by former Quake and esport professionals.


Over the last two years we've grown from an esport media house to a game studio focused on creating competitive games. We’re now working towards bringing back old-school competitive FPS as popularized by games like Quake and Unreal Tournament.


Diabotical in a nutshell:   

  • The best bits of the genre, improved and fine-tuned by ex-pros 
  • Classic and new game modes for both solo and team play
  • Plenty of cosmetic customization
  • In-house engine, multi-user map editor and modding support
  • Extensive community and esport features
  • The game will be on Steam for Windows at around the $10-15 mark
  • 10-12 months left in development, closed beta asap
  • Kickstarter video Youtube mirror for better Quality coming soon.



















More here.





Warning: Turn your volume off. Full trailer including company history and all that here.





Aside from 2GD himself being a bit of a cunt and the VO in that trailer being one of the worst things I've ever heard I'm (still) really looking forward to this. So much so that I might end up actually backing this (which is a first for me as far as Kickstarters go)! Recently Reflex scratched the Quake itch I didn't even know I had and it's been a ton of fun playing with a regular crew now. Diabotical seems to offer a similar experience with even more customization options and overall polish (granted they seem to have a bigger team and are further along in the development) but less of a focus on the hardcore CPMA movement mechanics as seen in Reflex. So here's to PC gaming, arena shooters and gooey gibs, yay!


EDIT: Just spotted a player dual wielding rail guns. Backed. 

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£89,593 pledged of £110,000 goal

28 days to go


Granted it's a relatively low goal but I'm glad the first KS I've backed is looking like it'll be a success!


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Thanks to your amazing support, we have reached the £110k/$145k goal after just a few days! The Diabotical team wishes to extend our gratitude to all of our backers.  

What's next? Over the next few weeks we’ll keep trying to promote the campaign in order to hit the stretch goals. Expect some content updates regarding the core aspects of the game, features and stretch goals.  


From the whole GD Studio team, thank you.


// Ok ok, we had to write something professional. But I just wanna let you know I’ve got the whole team spamming me on skype, facebook, discord and everywhere else in excitement of what just happened. So again thank you for the support, I don’t want to be too cheesy. But yeah, you’ve created a bit of a moment in our lives to say the least. Catch up soon when our updates are ready! /James



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