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20 hours ago, Strafe said:

Every time I boot the game up I get a ‘sharing of Nintendo account information’ email when it connects to blizzard battle net.


Anyone else getting these?

I’m sure I used to get this on Fortnite every time I logged in but can’t remember how I turned it off. Anyone?

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13 hours ago, iknowgungfu said:

I've just bought this on Switch.  Haven't played it in an age (last time I played they had just introduced another healer (Pharahs mum?). 


Couldn't resist it..

How is it? 


Polygon's take on it sounds bad: https://www.polygon.com/2019/10/16/20916615/overwatch-nintendo-switch-review-impressions-framerate-performance-runs

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I think that article exaggerates the issues somewhat. I have seen the red orb thing when the game initially loads in but you’re usually held in the spawn point for the first few seconds anyway.  I’ve had fun with the game so far and it feels exactly like OW to me, though I’m not an OW veteran.  


Theres no doubting that the Switch is being pushed to its limit though. Hopefully Iron Galaxy are still working on optimising the port.



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15 hours ago, Meh said:


I'll never understand the hate for Hanamura's choke. It's a tough one, but there's nothing wrong with that.


Once it's broken once it's often done for good, as well - the focus of the action then tends to switch immediately to Point A, as the attackers suddenly have multiple options in terms of approaching it more quickly, and under relative cover, and can make it very difficult for the defenders to rejoin the fight.


Sometimes a team will successfully defend that first choke for the whole round,  and sometimes it'll get flanked/a defending tank and/or healer will die almost immediately and it'll all fall apart in seconds.

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2 hours ago, Meh said:

The lootboxes are fine. You'd often get 3 duplicates in the old system, whereas now you never get any.


It's actually worse now, because the level of rarity in items you get is exactly the same, but because you don't get duplicates you don't get the credits you used to normally get in exchange, which means when new costumes roll around you usually have less credits in the bank to buy what you want. So the change actually encourages people to pay more.

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1 hour ago, iknowgungfu said:

Only had a few goes so far but seems like good old OW for me. Not played in well over a year. 


However, at your moment everything's I lost it up I have to agree Blizzards policy which then triggers an email from Nintendo too!  Is this normal?


Same here. Hopefully will be binned off in an update. 

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5 hours ago, Meh said:


Seriously? It's half the framerate.

Yeah. Haven't seen too many drops as it seems fairly constant. And I don't find it is distracting me from the game. Unlike Links Awakening for example. 


Considering what platform it is on I think it is a decent achievement. I'd rather have a lower frame rate than a higher one with choppy problems. 

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I don't mind playing these classes but I usually select all three classes before starting quick play and I noticed that it always puts me in tank or support. 


Enjoyed using sigma as he is new to me. I can't work out Brigitte and not sure on baptiste yet. Moira was quite fun - everyone just ignores you while you drain away their lives. 

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By the way there has been a ton of leaks about "Overwatch 2" for this year's Blizzcon - but whether that's a true sequel or an expansion we're yet to learn. The source is the guy who leaked Ashe accurately last Blizzcon. Apparently we can expect both a PVE Left for Dead style mode and PVP. Overwatch League will move onto the new game. Hardcore Overwatch fans are sccared that all the money they spent on loot box cosmetics may not carry over to the new game. My philosophy is that if people will pay yearly for COD and so on and unlock everything from scratch each time, why wouldn't Blizzard just follow the same business model. Apparently there may be a levelling system linked to character upgrades which people are also scared about.


Personally if it's true I think it's what Overwatch needs. A fresh start, new modes and presumably new heroes and mechanics. It would be a bit weird just after a Switch release but lets face it, Overwatch is a shadow of its former popularity and needs a shot in the arm. Keep an eye on those leaks!

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It's ok but here's my list for the easiest to get to grips with (and which will be decent on most maps):



- Orisa - easiest tank to play with big static shield and long range gun

- Reinhardt - harder than Orisa but fun, make sure you stay with your team. Dont go on mad charges into the entire enemy team.

- Roadhog - damage tank, is a bit weak right now but easy to learn. Follow up hooks with melee and primary fire for max damage



- Soldier 76 - standard FPS solider with self healing field, easiest hero to learn

- Reaper - shotguns deal massive damage and self heals with damage dealt, just be sure to wraith form away when needed

- Pharah - jetpack+rockets is fun and works on most maps, watch out for snipers and best if you have a Mercy for support

- Junkrat - spam grenade chokepoints, detonate mines midair to damage opponents and also launch yourself to high ground



Mercy -  basically a flying medic from Team Fortress 2, use the flight to far away teammates get out of bad situations and jump at the end of the flight to get extra distance

Moira - focus on healing orbs rather than damage to heal your tanks and yourself. Make Tracer and Genji's life miserable with your lock-on life drainer. Spray healing in short bursts as it ticks up over time after use.

Baptiste - harder than the other 2 but good in most situations. Learn to throw immortality field down to save teammates and yourself from death, especially good against enemy Ultimates


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